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User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

4 weeks ago#1
I go inside a lot people's homes to make money but I notice that in 2021, they always have a Nintendo Wii original. As if, if the household is going to have a video game console it is GOING to be a Nintendo Wii and maybe a modern day xbox or playstation, but often it might be a solo Nintendo Wii. Why do you think this is? How phenomenal was Nintendo Wii really if it is still in households in 2021 like this? I have not paid attention to the family age ranges but maybe it is the first console for a generation so it still stands, like how snes/genesis was yours but those are ancient dinosaurs like you and ceases to exist.

User Info: lenmutt

4 weeks ago#2
prior to switch was their biggest money maker and was a big hit for casual marketplace.

Basically good console with broad appeal and more affordable than it's competition

User Info: SpunkySix

4 weeks ago#3
Nintendo Wii was where they went big time casual but still hadn't fully jumped the shark yet.

Around the U they f***ed up bad on marketing and then after regaining peoples' confidence with the early Switch they just kinda stopped caring.
This isn't even a millionth, billionth of my rage
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