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User Info: englishhedgehog

4 weeks ago#1
About half a year ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to draw. I don't know if this is because I want to satisfy my desire to see the cast of Rugrats partaking in incredibly intimate activities or I'm just having a quarter-life crisis. So I'm using this topic to document drawings that I'm proud enough to post to the internet, but not proud enough to post to any art website with standards for creativity or technical ability.

This first drawing is one I've been working on and off on since December. I did at one point take a big break away from it to focus on playing every KH game in preparation for 3, but my point is this took a while. I drew Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph.


I pretty much said to myself when starting this, "What's the most challenging image I could possibly recreate that only involves one individual and no backgrounds?" Since drawing it, I've decided to never ever sketch something with this many individual hairs again. That ponytail alone took multiple afternoons and I hated every second of it. Although without the shading, the hair looks like a piece of turkey that someone took a bite out of.

Any feedback, good or bad, vital or insignificant would be appreciated. Also, this isn't actually the first image I've recreated. I would show the real first one, but that would cost me my posting privileges.
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User Info: lenmutt

4 weeks ago#2
not bad lets grab the artsy fartsy flames

@Narga @willingmess idunn remember who else! :D

User Info: Sephini

4 weeks ago#3
Wow, this is hitting me right in my insecurity.

User Info: Narga

4 weeks ago#4
I wouldnt worry about color right now. I'd just focus on drawing/linework.

Also this video is cool.

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