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User Info: lenmutt

4 weeks ago#1
Dub is in theaters! AND I WANNA TALK SPOILERS

So some visual stuff! lets get this outta the way first

Yes this is the best looking DB thing ever from art and animation however I did watch the JP version bootleg previously and while i could tell it was a masterpiece.

Now that I have watched it properly O_O holy smokes between this and Spiderverse I am now spoiled on animation/art

There were some details i couldn't see before. Every transformation is the best version of those transformations visually

Vegeta when going either Super or God has a greenish aura just beforehand Goku has something Similar when going God. Goku when he goes Blue has the slightest flickering of Ultra Instinct it's a blink and you'll miss it moment but LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Though seriously those auras are pretty as f*** and inventive while G Frieza isn't as magical girl as in the series it was a much faster and cool transformation gonna have to find gifs of all these. However my absolute favourite Saiyan Transformation has to be Wrathful Broly giving us not only a dope looking form but ties to Oozaru again? <3 Though when LSSJ happens it is also stunning. BTW did Gogeta use Blue Evolve?

anyways techniques! Things i didn't notice in bootleg version that Aura stuff Goku's God form incases Broly stopping him with Broly Aura eventually doing the same back at Goku! aaaaaaaah!

Hey fun fact Goku, Broly, and Gogeta all use energy barrages... Vegeta does not :O

also holy s*** that like Kamehamaha that turns into like a million kamehamehas!!!! aaaaaah

oh man and I adore and i think Broly og fans will have to appreciate. Kale "puny God'd" Goku and he looked mildly nettled, Broly does it and Goku is screaming in agony and contemplating retreating

KAKAROT!!!! BRRRROOOLLI!!!! SAIYAN POWER f***ing love the Broly vs Goku track sooooo much. okay okay Dub stuff is important.

DO IT BROLY! :D not in the movie.... :<

Chris Ayers gives a stunningly perfect performance i heard alil slip here and there maybe but given his circumstances he blew me away ^_^

Paragus manages to come off like more of a dickhead in dub somehow!

sigh.... Sonny Strait forgot he was voicing Bardock and honestly sounded more like Krillin and similar to the OG stuff english bardock is softer than sub and given this bardock is beyond flaccid he is low class trash.

Sabat is everywhere in this movie!

Schemmel has come so far as Goku really loved him

as always adore Beerus and Whis in english

supporting cast was good no real complaints

OH IT WAS f***ING WEIRD to hear Justin Cook essentially doing his Yusuke Urameshi for child Raditz!

oh i have to note some stand outs lesser characters. Saiyan Scientist... for whatever reason they gave the male one an accent then once the female one who i already liked from previous viewing spoke i realized the two of them had RUSSIAN ACCENTS. There is a female Saiyan with a russian accent this makes me so happy. Already better than gine.

a few lines are a touch goofy. on first viewing i noticed they fleshed out saiyans no longer purely a warrior race as Beet says he is not a "fighter/soldier" like an engineer or pilot and gine is kitchen wench. However Frieza later says they are a purely warrior race sooo uh f*** noes also when Wrathful Broly happens Paragus states "he is channeling the great ape power but is in his HUMAN form" >_> Paragus you don't even know what a human is.

also side note Chelye's ass isn't the only well drawn one like there were many decent butts hell when Vegeta talks about Frieza they spin his gold form around and we see Frieza gold booty!

oh last thing trailers shown. lego 2 animated, battle angle anime, captain marvel ssj hero. well played movie people. well played. GO GO

User Info: lenmutt

4 weeks ago#2


User Info: lenmutt

4 weeks ago#3

User Info: lenmutt

4 weeks ago#4
also Frieza is starting to gain a lust for battle not unlike those filthy monkeys he despises so much

User Info: lenmutt

4 weeks ago#5
Also during the King Vegeta and Paragus conversation Sabat's King Vegeta sounds less meancing and more drunk

User Info: lenmutt

4 weeks ago#6

User Info: scrappybristol

4 weeks ago#7

User Info: lenmutt

4 weeks ago#8
Oh and on terrible bardock segment because i'll rag on that all damn year.

so Bardock and the woman who lives in his house send Kakarot away yes?

Okay so then it's mostly from Frieza's perspective btw missing Zarbon & Dodoria who were replaced with Berryblue and scouter creator. "Look at the fireworks! Zarbon, Dodoria isn't it wonderful! OHohohohoho!" </3

anyways so yeah they send their kid off then it's mainly from Frieza's point of view...

soooo Bardock warns things might go bad and apparently he did something similar to True Bardock's action of fighting and giving a final stand..... and gine went back to the kitchen to cut the meat............................................................

I am glad gine is dead and i am glad Goku doesn't remember her.

User Info: lenmutt

4 weeks ago#9
To focus on the good

Gogeta *o* has sooooo much moves

liberal use of IT

f***ign sick ass Lord Canti counterstrike

like a big bang barrage though kinda mimics spiritbomb gesture but is like but makes like 50 hundred individual beams that are so dense they look like one continuous gargantuan beam

reality s***tering kamehameha

reflective ki shield

Double Big Bang

and of course the Stardust Breaker~
and what has been dubbed the Full Force Kamehameha!

User Info: scrappybristol

4 weeks ago#10
Ok so... watched this then came home and watched OG Broly

Super Broly: more interesting pre transformation, turns into an out of control behemoth post transformation. Kinda boring since all he does is yell, Gogeta def stole his limelight I think. He goes full power but gets his ass handed to him.

OG Broly: s*** crying backstory, boring pre transformation but holy s*** does he get way more fun after he transforms.

Certainly drops his whole “KAKAROT!!” meme and has some great interactions.

Also actually s***s on everyone until the LulGokuWins moment
(edited 4 weeks ago)
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