1 month ago #11
    Ya know I was just thinking of Undertale, and Doki Doki club or what's it called. Had I played those fresh, I would've probably liked them a lot. But that whole experience was ruined for me even before I played them, and that makes me reluctant to play them now since I already know their "thing" or "trick". It is pretty annoying. Gaming takes time and my time is finite so I am more likely to spend my time on something new and/or exciting

    I have fled any Night in the woods spoilers tho, hopefully I get to play it soon.

    Anyhow, that whole spin made me think of replaying games. I already know the thing/trick about Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Monkey Island, Luigi's Mansion, Crash Bandicoot 2, The Talos Principle, yet I come back to them. Got spoiled on TTP but still enjoy it a lot. I feel like games that relay too much on effect lose it after you are aware of it. I need to one day play some more of Undertale and Doki to get a verdict, but the former's gameplay bored me and the other feels like a waste of time when I know what it is about so we'll see.
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