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User Info: Metallicau

13 years ago#1
It's a sizzling game of chance.
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User Info: 1Lemming

13 years ago#2
I was part of a strip poker game once. It was three guys against three girls. If they'd lose, they'd show their boobs. If we guys lost, we didn't have to show all, but we'd show part of our behinds.

The results. We guys lost. The girls didn't even have to take off their pants. Bummer.

I jumped off a cliff the very next day.
If all my friends jumped off a cliff, I'd have a softer landing when I jumped.
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User Info: ender003

13 years ago#3
My dingaling, my dingaling, I want you to play with my dingaling.
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User Info: TheLaughingFan

13 years ago#4
That's a bad idea. Girls tend to be hard while playing with boys' dinalings.


User Info: TheLaughingFan

13 years ago#5
Some girls also screams, load, when they notice ones dingaling. Don't they respect the human body?

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