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User Info: umegamer

2 years ago#1
24b3 - 24ca
bestiary bitmask (set all to FF to uncover entire bestiary)

2568 body count
2574 bad actions count

2597 item list (aka your inventory) (128 bytes)
2697 item quantity list (128 bytes)

2789 hero's field level
This is a 101 (or 100?) item array of words (2 bytes).
Each word has the following format:
00LLLLXX XXXXXXXX (X = fieldexp, L = lvl), set to 00 28 for level 10

2862 plato's field level
Same as above, but for plato

2933 hero level
2934 hero current hp (2 bytes)
2936 hero max hp (2 bytes)
2938 hero current mp (2 bytes)
293a hero max mp (2 bytes)
2944 atk
2945 def
2946 agl
2947 int
2948 exp (3 bytes)

2953 char 2 level
followed by same structure as above

2973 char 3 level
followed by same structure as above

2993 char 4 level
followed by same structure as above
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