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  3. So why is 261 a haven for racist trolls now?

User Info: cnekans

5 years ago#1
What happened?
"It definitely wasn't from North Korea, because the only country they're capable of nuking is North Korea."- UnholyMudcrab

User Info: shaolin11

5 years ago#2
Politics: A contest over who is more butthurt.
The Orca Challenge: A bright shiny Farthing to anyone who links to something Orca posts that isn't ridiculous

User Info: YouAreCrumbs

5 years ago#3
Mods have been awful.

My topic about an NYPD officer choking an MTA employee? Off topic. Guy that wants to talk about how less people would have died in the Holocaust if someone told Hitler how bad conditions were in his death camps? Totally cool.
We elect Obama and all the capitalists will be executed. This is a legitimate concern of mine. - OMGWTFPIE, 2011

User Info: Goatthief

5 years ago#4
People keep ringing the dinner bell on hellhole, so all the trolls that like to whine at the mods on that board head over to 261 instead.
Remember, if you die at home your other pets will eat you. Goats won't though, they are balla like that.
It's been 2 weeks since I've posted in a BBT topic.
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  3. So why is 261 a haven for racist trolls now?
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