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  3. When did you first discover you had a foot fetish?

User Info: AstrosFan1990

10 years ago#1
for me was like 5 years ago.

User Info: Solar_Crimson

10 years ago#2
I've had a fascination with feet ever since I was in the single-digits, mainly because of this clip from Schoolhouse Rock:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNn_Ce8yeM8 (it also gave me a giantess/shrinking fetish)

I didn't think of it as a fetish until high school. Which is why I loved when the warmer weather came around. Tons of flip-flop-wearing girls all over the school. Drove me crazy. :D
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User Info: Trixter800

10 years ago#3
Definitely post-puberty, kinda happened gradually over time. Everybody seems to have some interesting stories about how they had such and such experience when they were a kid, but not me. I just kinda started gravitating to feet more and more until I finally declared to myself that I had a foot fetish.

User Info: Mixolydian_Man

10 years ago#4
9th grade. I had always noticed women's feet, but it wasn't until I was in my dad's car listening to Howard Stern that I realized that you could be attracted to feet, like, officially. Stern had this foot fetishist on and they played a game where he answer trivia questions and for the ones he got right he got to give a foot massage to a model, and for the ones he got wrong, he had to give one to Artie Lange I think. My dad said during the commercial that he just didn't get foot fetishes and he thought they were just weird. I was like, "Oh yeah totally, why would you like feet," but in the back of my mind I wondered if I did, so I got on the internet that night and...Well, seeing as I post here, you can guess what I found out.
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User Info: Edge578

10 years ago#5
Pretty much what Solar Crimson said, except about the Schoolhouse rock clip.
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User Info: Crazyhax

10 years ago#6
I, too, had a fascination for the feet since I was VERY young. Like, earliest known memories young. The ticklish aspect had a lot to do with though. That's what I would associate it with back then than anything sexual.
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User Info: scott3439

10 years ago#7
The only thing I can trace it back to was watching Ninja Turtles as a kid waaaaaaay back. Me and the girl that lived across the street watched the episode with that villain that tickled April's feet to get something out of her. Later we were playing and we decided to reenact that bit.
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User Info: MajinChuy

10 years ago#8
20 something years ago. Earliest memory I can recall was from 3'rd grade. Every day after lunch, my teacher would always take off her shoes. She always wore nylons, which I'm a big fan of.

It would only get better. In 6'th grade I had a brand new teacher, it was her first year teaching. She was young and incredibly beautiful. She would do the same, take off her shoes after lunch.

She placed the projector in the center of the room and had me sit next to it for a few months. When she used it, she would always place her feet on the metal bar underneath it giving me a great view of her nylon feet. She caught me multiple times staring at them. She would simply point at my/paper telling me to pay attention.

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User Info: Ryumoau23

10 years ago#9
i first discovered my foot fetish in 9th grade, when during P.E. class my male classmates were all changing clothes and for some reason i started noticing their feet. It gave me an erection, which weirded me out at first. Feet didn't feel like something i should be sexually aroused by at the time. But i learned to embrace it by 10th grade, and would even hid in the stalls while i watched my classmates walk around the changing room in their barefeet.
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User Info: TLR_

10 years ago#10
Pretty damn young... didn't come to terms with it til 14-15ish though.
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