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  3. For anyone who's curious on how to get the good ending. *Spoilers*

User Info: SorcerousTiger

5 years ago#1
Hey there! I just started (and beat!) this game today, and I figured I'd let people here know how to get the good ending in the game since it's not explained by the walkthrough posted by Derthing. If you're following Derthing's walkthrough, then after completing the 10th quest, don't go on to The Mad King. Instead, look around town until you find a guy with bandages over his head, who will explain that his village was attacked, too. Accept the quest from him to go on to the next scenario; "Village of the Dark God." Beating this scenario and then continuing on to "The Mad King" will net you the good ending for the game. I found this guide to "Village of the Dark God" while browsing youtube. This guide was posted by youtube user Kfharlock

If you're still having trouble with how to actually get to the dragon and such, I ended up beating this one last night. Here's what you do:

In the last dungeon, the Dragonite's Fortress, slay some ninja (the Murasame they drop is CURSED, btw) and walk north until you find Emilia in her cell. From there:

1. Talk to Emilia.

2. Investigate the two flasks on the east side of the room. Take the yellow one.

3. Investigate the green spot on the ground on the west side of the room. Climb down the ladder that appears where the green spot was.

4. Use yellow flask on flask in the wall; take an Ironrock from the ground.

5. Trade yellow flask for blue flask; use on flask in the wall; lift will lower.

6. Pick up another Ironrock, get the empty yellow flash back. Use it on wall-flask.

7. Ride the lift up, fight the ninja, ignore the lance in the west path; in the center and east paths, have your wizard read the plates on the wall to learn ancient magic. (Tiger: When I tried this, my wizard couldn't read the tablets, so it might depend on a skill. Also, the lance is the Dragon Lance. It's a strong weapon, but it can't be used against the next boss, which is why Kfharlock says to ignore it.)

8. Take the lift back down. Investigate bottom of wall to the right of the lift; it opens.

9. Go up the ladder on the far right and fight the dragon. Just defend/heal when it rears up, and attack when it comes down.

10. Climb up the new path and set Emilia free.

11. Walk back to the waterfall cave and talk to her; head back to the fortress.

12. Investigate the ground all around her cell to find a crystal; go back to waterfall cave and talk to her again.

13. Go back to the fortress, walk to the far right side of the room with the lift, read the plate on the wall before the stairs to the dragon.

14. Enter the dragon's room, stand so that the tail, the skull, and you make three points of a triangle (just keep hitting "A"), and a teleporter will appear.

15. Enter the teleporter to get the Alphaz Rod.


From there, you just follow the prompts, equip the Alphaz gear on some people, and beat the game as normal. The "good ending" is pretty awesome!

I hope this helps everyone! I prefer the good ending, myself. I find the bad ending really troubling... *shudder*
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  3. For anyone who's curious on how to get the good ending. *Spoilers*
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