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7 years ago#1
HI all. I would like to leave this thread open, for any person ever willing to answer.

Seeking the web, I have been able to discover that it is possible to hack any videogame ROM, to alter its original contents and there are some mods for this game, containing alternative values for generals and alternative nations to play with.
This option sounds very interesting, since it is possible to play ROMs on modern smartphones and tablets, which is very useful and entertaining especially in those situations where we have to wait, as in the post office or at the airport.
So far, I have just tried the Ill-Khan Empire mod, that is quite buggish but entertaining.

So, till now I would like to know if anybody can ...
- edit generals values
- edit units
- edit the game main contents
... because....
1) imho, it would be great to play a game with character closer to their historical description:
2) rebalance military units
3) add more playable countries and eventually made playable the "Japan conquer" scenario available only for japanese Sega CD version of this game.

About military units, the main flawless of this game is given by 2 reasons:
the utterly idiot choices made by AI, as composing legions made only by ranged or melee units, without balancing them; and the fact that mounted units can shoot ammo much faster than foot units in a single round, obtaining a huge advantage that should not be deserved. Why a mounted archer should be faster at firing arrows than a shortbowman?
Also, being European, I have always complained about the low effectiveness of knights in this game. So, those are the changes that I would apply if I could:

Unit name - Attack - Charge - Ranged - Defense - Speed - Cost
- Longbowmen: C-E-A-D - 9 - 600: They were armed with leather armors or no armors and shortswords for self-defense if engaged. They were not totally harmless. In the game, shorbowmen proved to be more effective due to their greater ability to decently deal melee damage but are cheaper.
- X-bowmen: C-E-A-C - 8 - 900: With a slower fire-rate than any bowmen, they were lethal and heavily armored to resist to enemy fire. Easier to train, their gear was also more expensive. Then, see Longbowmen.
- Pikemen: C-B-X-C - 9 - 400: more realistic values for medium-armored units made to resist charges.
- Heavy Infantry: B-C-X-C - 9 - 400: more realistic values, available in all Europe.
- Knights: B-A-X-B - 12 - 1400: more realistic values for medium-armored unit that used excellent sword and shield skills to engage in melee, after trampling over enemies through charge.
- War Elephants: B-B-C-A - 10 - 1500: Makes nonsense that they had the lowest ranged fire in the game. Also, elephants are much faster than any human and, so, than any foot unit. Also, in Genesis/SNES version, very slow units may be unable to reach the enemy when fighting within maze-like defenses, that are not present in PC version.
- Mamelukes: B-B-X-C - 14 - 1350: Makes nonsense that they are armored like knights (with African's heat?). Better lighter but faster, to better pair with mounted archers and with greater speed than Uighur chivalry, due to the Arabic famous and fast horses.
- Samurai: A-C-B-C - 12 - 1200: Japanese were famous also for their archery skills and a "C" in ranged weapons makes Samurai in real game not as strong as they were, and just a slightly better version that Nomads.
- Cannons/Catapults: Heavy Infantry: E-E-A/C-C - 8 - 600: A greater defense, to better resist ranged damage from other units. Can't think to any other way to enhance them without altering their own nature. Probably it is not even foreseen in the game, but I would drastically increase sedge weapons' fire range and reduce both shortbowmen and X-bowmen range.

What do you think about?
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