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User Info: sefsefsefsef

10 years ago#1
I've seen this posted sometimes, and I wonder what it is. What's the difference between a Mormon who is "mainstream" and one who isn't?

Further, what does it mean to be "somewhat mainstream?"
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User Info: FelixTrapper

10 years ago#2
I think mainstream is usually synonymous with "devout", meaning they practice and follow all the Mormon doctrines, whereas other Mormons are simply "cultural" Mormons who go to Church etc. but do not fully sustain the President, pay tithing, attend the temples, and so forth.
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User Info: Kraaken

10 years ago#3
The term mainstream here, I think, works as it would elsewhere. Look at what the majority of the church currently believes, and how that majority currently acts, and you have your mainstream. This does not necessarily entail correct doctrine, theology, ritual, and culture, though many would have you believe otherwise.
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User Info: Wil_Stormchaser

10 years ago#4
Having used the term on this board, I guess I should probably explain what I meant by it. I basically meant that I was pretty normal as far as Mormons go; my beliefs don't really deviate too much (that I know of) from what you might find in the manuals.

I included the qualifier "somewhat", partly because it my manner of speaking (an annoying habit; I tend to use such qualifiers far too often), and partly because I drink caffeinated soda and have some small problems with using profanity.

User Info: Wil_Stormchaser

10 years ago#5
Rethinking my post, I think that "orthodox" may have been more of what I was looking for.
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