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User Info: heycheckoutmy

10 years ago#1
hih h

User Info: heycheckoutmy

10 years ago#2
yo come back my friends pl :(

User Info: heycheckoutmy

10 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Mah_Boi

10 years ago#4
what happen

somebdoy set us su the ASS
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User Info: Xtremeblur

10 years ago#5
Let's teach them how to love.

User Info: Xtremeblur

10 years ago#6
erm sry alex alx i mean HI BABY
Let's teach them how to love.

User Info: Jack_White

10 years ago#7
he gone

again :((((
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User Info: Dragonair

10 years ago#8
im fine thank you for asking mister that i dont know im not interested in lolipops

User Info: RoboPhreeq

10 years ago#9
He's got to be on the KOS list at this point. I mean, how many times can you get banned before the admins just delete your accounts on sight?

Shame, too. I wanted to compare NIN shows with you, Alex.

It was AWESOME, wurth evary penne , Tornt didn't raelly break or throw much this time. Although, he told us that his family waz in the audience taht night.

They played Gave Up, Piggy, and REPTILE which I never expected, haven't seen that before. Still no Happiness In Slavery though :(

Visuals were AMAZING, better than any of the previous shows I've been to (2000, 2006). They really outdid themselves this time.

Plus, Robin Finck in the band = <3
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User Info: Mumorpuger

10 years ago#10
i think to be KOS you have to be a threat to the site.

and that isa wesome Robbo I wish Tornt was playing anywhere near me. although I did see him last year I wold definately go again.

ps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzeAZmkaImE

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