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User Info: HeadlessElite

11 years ago#41
Now get off my lawn -CJayC

User Info: HeadlessElite

11 years ago#42
almost a year.
Now get off my lawn -CJayC

User Info: 1337

11 years ago#43
Hay Guyz!
I Bet My Account Is Better Than Yours

User Info: xxxTxxxRxxxCxxx

11 years ago#44
There are no topics on GameFAQs made before I joined.
-¤FFTLegend¤-"I shall unleash the spirit of my blade and strike down those who cross my path, fear me, for I am your end."-¤ModHater¤-

User Info: VeryFatKid

11 years ago#45

User Info: Evil____Dragon

11 years ago#46
Infinity + a gajillion

User Info: Elite Gamer

Elite Gamer
11 years ago#47
Sir, that's not a number.
I suffer from chronic apathy, I was going to go see a Doctor about it, but I didn't really care.

User Info: LusterSoldier

11 years ago#48
Maybe not a real number, but I consider it to be an imaginary number.
Luster Soldier - Popular at school. ~Shield Bearer~ | ~Data Analyst~

User Info: 9__9

11 years ago#49
Tower of Doom :-: Board #25841

User Info: Phoenkuar

11 years ago#50
We all know imaginary numbers don't exist in reality. That's why they are called "imaginary", d'oh.
I've always said, the Web is the sum of all human knowledge plus porn.
"Warning: May contain nuts." ~
On a package of peanuts.
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