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User Info: MeowMixMax

13 years ago#1
Never heard of it?

User Info: XIII_rocks

13 years ago#2
I don't know. Something awesome?
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User Info: MeowMixMax

13 years ago#3
Most likely!

User Info: Jornibo

13 years ago#4
If it's what I think it is judging from the images it's just Kirby Star Stacker. A Kirby game with the same exact engine came out for the Gameboy with that title, Kirby Star Stacker. Try it out. It was definitely released in America :P

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User Info: MeowMixMax

13 years ago#5
lol I have that game still.
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User Info: KirbyManiac

13 years ago#6
It is indeed a Super Famicom version of Kirby's Star Stacker. Since I haven't played much of the GB version I can't reliably compare features, but I do know that this game has a story mode and a few other types of solo modes.
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