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User Info: ActionIV

2 months ago#1
Welcome to Project Pillar, a play-by-post RPG based on the classic Gameboy game, Final Fantasy Legend II. In Pillar, you play the role of one of the Prismbearers, someone that is capable of carrying and wielding the might of the MAGI. You will meet other Prismbearers in your adventures and work together to achieve your goals...whatever those may be.

To join, you simply need to post your character's name and race from Human, Mutant, Robot, and Monster. You can also offer a background story if you’d like, be it as a first post or as a PM to the person running the game. You would be eligible to begin playing as early as the next update.

Special thanks to Amuseum and Alex Jackson of GameFAQs for the work they did to deconstruct the original game code and provide documentation on its mechanics, as this project would not have been a success without it.

Gameplay Basics
A player only needs to post commands once every update cycle. The GM will generally indicate what kind of commands are expected by the next update, with some examples including actions while in a town, directions to take in a dungeon, combat actions, and conversational cues. "Conditional" commands ("if X happens, do Y") are accepted ways of continuing the action as far as the GM is willing to go; some battles will run from round-to-round if danger is high or timing is important. "Provisional" commands are welcome in the case of a party with a team member that has not checked prior to an impending update. The update schedule will generally be every 3-4 days, depending on the GM's capacity.

Regarding combat actions, these will be largely based on your equipment and skills (discussed in more detail below). FFL2 is different from many RPGs in that most every command, be it a spell, the use of a sword, or a natural weapon like claws, only comes with so many charges before it is no longer available. Some races can recover charges of their abilities with inn stays or in a handful of other ways, but most equipped weapons are lost when their charges run out.

Stats and "Skills"
Pillar functions from five primary stats: HP, STR, AGL, DEF, and MANA.
- HP: Hit Points. The amount of damage anything can take before it is "stunned," the effective equivalent of death in Pillar
- STR: Strength. Generally, the main driver behind a large portion of the physical attacks in Pillar. Strength serves other purposes as well, such as reducing the impact of heavy armor on Evasion and Turn Order and providing stability when firing guns and cannons (i.e. bonuses to hit)
- AGL: Agility. The best stat. Or at least it was until changes were made to reduce its overall importance. It is still very important, being key to Turn Order, Evasion, Accuracy, and some types of damage, but it is no longer advisable to ignore all other stats for it
- DEF: Defense. Physical defense, it should be specified. This stat is mostly impacted by armor choices and reduces the damage taken from physical attacks
- MANA: Magic strength and defense. The accuracy of spells, overall magic defense, and damage done by magic attacks all use MANA

"Skills," as they'll loosely be called, are the eight slots each character gets to determine their capabilities. Each piece of equipment takes a slot, as does each innate or learned ability. It is from these that a player will derive their list of potential battle commands. It is worth noting that, while many of these remain as they were in the base game, more are being added and many have been adjusted to provide greater value, especially those that were "defining" skills of a Monster family but often found to be lackluster.

Targeting Types
These identifiers are shown in status lines to explain the targeting method for a skill.
Si = Single
D = Defensive
Sw = Sweep
AE = All Enemies
G = Group
C = Counter
A = Ally
AA = All Allies
U = Self
R = Random

Ailments and Elements
There are eight primary status effects in Pillar. Other horrible things may appear at the GM’s discretion (such as Stop):
- Ston: Cannot act. Cannot be affected by most abilities. Does not wear off naturally
- Curs: Reduces effective STR and DEF by half. Does not wear off naturally
- Blnd: Reduces physical hit rate, evasion, and initiative. Does not wear off naturally
- Stun: Caused by some “instant death” abilities or having HP reduced to 0. Stunned players return to 1 HP after combat ends
- Para: Cannot act and AGL is considered 0 while paralyzed. 15% chance to recover at end of turn. Removed at the end of combat
- Pois: HP reduces by 12.5% of max at the end of turn. 20% chance to recover at end of turn. Removed at the end of combat
- Conf: Random action and targeting. 10% chance to recover during turn at the loss of the action. Removed at the end of combat
- Slep: Cannot act and AGL is considered 0 while asleep. 30% chance to recover at end of turn or when suffering damage. Removed at the end of combat
- Stop: Formerly WindUp, now a true condition. Being stopped removes the ability to act further in the current round. Stop wears off at the end of the turn in which it was inflicted
- Dred: Coming soon! A new fear-based condition inspired by future incarnations of SaGa

Skills and abilities may carry the following elements: Ice, Fire, Quake, Thunder, Poison, Light, Death. Notes on elements:
- Light element generally affects only Undead types and does nothing to others
- Death element is generally the opposite, affecting all non-Undead, but is often associated with the Stun status and therefore negatable in that way
- Poison element attacks do not always apply the Poison status, but protection from Poison does negate both the status and damage

Human - the most flexible race in its ability to customize all eight of their slots as they see fit. Humans can equip Armor in up to four slots: head, body, arms, and feet. The other slots can be used for weapons or items. Humans grow their stats based on what actions were taken in a battle; if STR weapons were used, STR can grow, and so on. DEF cannot grow in this way. HP can grow in any battle with sufficiently powerful foes. An Inn stay only restores a Human’s HP.

Monster - the Monster race is an ever-shifting race of creatures that change form based on absorbing the DNA of fallen enemies via “meat” drops. Monsters cannot equip anything in their eight slots, all of which are determined by its current Monster class. An Inn stay restores a Monster’s HP and all of its abilities.

Mutant - effectively a hybrid between Humans and Monsters, Mutants have four slots dedicated to equipment and four slots dedicated to learned abilities, the latter of which can be gained at the end of any battle. If all four slots are filled and a new one is learned, a Mutant must choose which skill to replace with the new one. Mutants grow their stats similarly to Humans, but at a slower pace and with the potential to increase DEF. An Inn stay restores a Mutant’s HP and the charges of its learned abilities.

Robot - Robots have seven flexible slots, with one being dedicated to a permanent immunity to most status effects. Those other seven slots determine everything about a Robot, as they all contribute to a Robot’s HP and may affect other stats as well. Robots are generally vulnerable to magic attacks outside of having hard resists via armor, though there are rare methods for increasing a Robot’s MANA for resistance purposes. Robots cannot equip certain weapons, such as Martial Arts and Spellbooks, but special armor exists that only Robots can use. Anything that a Robot equips will have its charges (if any) immediately halved, rounded down. An Inn stay restores a Robot’s HP and charges on all equipment.

User Info: ActionIV

2 months ago#2
Changes in Mechanics from FFL2
These are always a work-in-progress, but some of the major changes made to the engine are as follows:
* Reflect - new ability type that reflects a Magic attack back at the caster
* Shields - blocking and barriers (if any) both activate at the start of a round
* If paralyzed or asleep, AGL = 0
* Bows had their random damage component fixed with slight revisions
* Initiative and evasion factor in weight (Defense - Strength) to provide more value to Str. This rule does not apply to Monsters. Some abilities and armor also impact initiative (e.g. Warning, Boots)
* Multiple effects allowed for abilities
* Multiple stat increases per battle for Humans and Mutants
* Some Status attacks have been reworked to now have a damage component. Those that do not will have an increased chance of landing the affliction
* Stat-altering attacks (i.e. debuffs) use a hit formula similar to status attacks
* Many ranged group attacks can now miss and be blocked
* Group damage attacks will apply the number of hits from front-to-back, while group Status attacks will apply the effect to the afflicted enemy. This allows status attacks to potentially neutralize threats at the “back” of a formation while the damage is applied to better coordinate with the work being done by single target attacks
* For parties of five or fewer, most enemy attacks have a 50/50 chance of targeting the player character in the first position of a party, then a 50/50 for the second, and onward until a target is selected. If no target is selected, it becomes a random chance to hit anyone. Shield usage can impact this; a PC using a shield adds 20% of the shield’s blocking value to their chance to be targeted. The 50/50 formula changes for parties of greater size.
* Counter abilities now provide some damage reduction (but still calculates counter damage on the damage rolled prior to the reduction)
* Many Monster families are receiving upgrades, particularly the low-level forms, to make some of the lackluster classes more viable
* Each Monster family (e.g. Cats) will likely have more than five variations (e.g. more than the original tree of Jaguar, SabreCat, SnowCat, BlackCat, Byak-Ko from FFL2), though the Monster class may not be able to evolve into all of them
* Gold now drops from enemies whether they drop something else or not
* Robots do not gain current HP when equipping a new item, only max HP
* Martial Arts items start with lower uses to allow them to be more useful immediately, but also have a damage cap
* Monsters can sometimes achieve Variant forms. These include higher stats and/or additional skills
* Running requires full-party commitment at this time
* Each character has an out-of-battle inventory of 4 items, Monsters included
* The usability of items after a robot unequips them is still under review
* Hitting a weakness with a magic attack not only treats the target as having 0 MANA for defense (as in FFL2), but also adds 3 MANA to the attacker's damage calculations. This is mostly to make targeting weaknesses in the early game more valuable and noticeable
* Magic is no longer guaranteed to always hit. There is now a spell hit formula, similar to the chance to hit formula for melee and ranged weapons, that is checked in addition to a target's spell resistances (e.g. O-Fire)

Ability Changes
- Mirror: now acts as a Reflect against Magic attacks during the turn it is used
- Strike: renamed Punch martial art to differentiate from the monster ability of the same name
- Haste: boosts AGL by 10 for the battle
- PowerUp: boosts STR by 10 for the battle
- Remedy: renamed Heal. Removes status effects aside from STUN
- O-Para: no longer provides Curse protection. That is still rolled into O-Change, though

Unique Monster Items
To give monsters a little something to do with their gold, new items are being created. They will offer stat boosts, alter the effects of a transformation, add new abilities, and more! Most will be listed in the stores, but some of the special or limited ones are listed here.
  • Jaguar Shot - increases STR and AGL by 5 until the next rest or the next transformation
  • Seasoning - forces a variant form when applied to freshly dropped meat

I am planning on Pillar keeping a two-updates-per-week schedule. With each update, I will post when I expect the next one to be.

This spreadsheet provides fuller details on attacks, items, and enemies as they’re discovered during gameplay. Not everything will be revealed, though! Updates will likely occur at the start of each new topic.


Towns, Shops, and Quests
Weapon/Shield format: {uses | growth type | target type | damage | extra} [robot HP | robot stat boost]
Armor format: {defense | extra} [robot HP | robot stat boost]
Item format: {uses | effect} [most items provide 9 HP to robots when equipped unless otherwise noted]

World: Thorwal
Kvirasim, Frontier Town
More of a hamlet compared to a number of other cities and towns across the worlds of the Pillars, Kvirasim was a proud village nonetheless, its residents at one point considering themselves something of a frontier town, though on what frontier, no one was quite certain.

Inn and Cafe
Rest - 25 gold per person

Weapon Shop
Hammer - 50g {50 | STR | Single Melee | 6xSTR} [9 HP | +2 STR]
Bow - 50g {50 | AGL | Single Ranged | 50+rand | 60% base hit} [9 HP | +2 AGL]
Strike - 50g {70 | Balanced | Single Melee | 4xUseDifferential}
Rapier - 400g {50 | AGL | Single Melee | 6xAGL} [18 HP | +2 AGL]
Long Sword - 400g {50 | STR | Single Melee | 7xSTR} [18 HP | +4 STR]
Psi Knife - 1400g {50 | AGL | Single Melee | 8xMANA} [27 HP | +6 MANA]
R-Kick - 1400g {60 | Balanced | Single Melee | 5xUseDifferential }

Tool Shop
Bronze Gloves - 25g {1 DEF} [9 HP | +2 DEF]
Bronze Helm - 50g {2 DEF} [9 HP | +2 DEF]
Bronze Shield - 50g {50 | DEF | Shield | none | 50% block} [9 HP | +2 DEF]
Gold Gloves - 3400g {4 DEF} [45 HP | +8 DEF]
Holy Water - 300g {4 | removes Curse}
Eye Drops - 200g {4 | removes Blind}
Soft Potion - 1000g {4 | removes Stone}
Cure Potions - 50g {4 | heals 40 HP outside battle, 20-40 HP during}

Biogenetics and Butcher Shop
Vitamin B - 400g {3 | Meat additive. Removes the effect of Meat Type difference in a transformation. Only effective on meats of DS1-4}
Pepta-Bysmal - 400g {3 | Reverse the effects of a meal gone bad. Only for transformations resulting in DS1-2}
Jaguar Shot (1 remaining) - 1400g {3 | Increases STR and AGL by 5 until the next full rest or transformation }

Martial arts training available:
- Strike

Quests (“x” indicates the quest is closed, "o" that it is underway, * signifies repeatable)
(_) Random Encounter
(x) Under Siege
(x) Below the Law
(x) On Deadl-E Ground
(x) Dark Territory
(x) Bout for Justice
(x) Marked for Death
(_) Hard to Kill* - unlocks additional Jaguar Shots

User Info: ActionIV

2 months ago#3
Lowangen, Walled City
Thorwal's largest city, Lowangen stood between the mountainous terrain that connected the world to the Pillar and the rest of the land. Its location among hills makes it defensible while the river that runs through it provides its lifeline. When Ashura came, that made it the front line in the fight to keep the people of Thorwal free from tyranny. The city is ruled by a council of three elders and is protected by a militia that has been forced to grow since the arrival of Ashura's forces to the north.

Inn and Cafe
Rest - 25 gold per person

Weapon Shop
Iron Spear - 1400g {50 | STR | Single Melee | 8xAGL} [27 HP | +6 STR]
Long Bow - 1400g {50 | AGL | Single Ranged | 80-160 | 80% base hit} [27 HP | +3 AGL]
Beretta - 400g {50 | STR | Single Ranged | 60-100 | 70% base hit} [18 HP | +4 STR]
MM Book - 400g {30 | MANA | Single Magic | 5xMANA | Never miss}

Tool Shop
Holy Water - 300g {4 | removes Curse}
Eye Drops - 200g {4 | removes Blind}
Soft Potion - 1000g {4 | removes Stone}
Cure Potion - 50g {4 | heals 40 HP outside battle, 20-40 HP during}
Hi-Cure Potion - 300g {4 | heals 150 HP outside battle, 75-150 HP during}

Mutant Sanctuary
Unoccupied at the moment

Mechanic's Garage
No quest, no service...where did those people go, anyway?

Quests (“x” indicates the quest is closed, "o" that it is underway)
(_) Random Encounter
(x) What's Mine Isn't Ours
(x) Fort Your Eyes Only
(o) One Civilization's Trash
(o) The Fight for Thorwal

User Info: SchlossRitter

2 months ago#4
ActionIV posted...
Mechanic's Garage
No quest, no service...where did those people go, anyway?

[good question]
Nothing to see here. Move along.

User Info: Blaargv131

2 months ago#5
[Well, with Maili trying to move north, no reason to damage him if he ends up successful.]

Doma holds.

User Info: Qazitory

2 months ago#6
Long Bow a Thug!
Ki can Thunder the Asigarus maybe

User Info: ZomBULL

2 months ago#7
No! The Asigaru are mine! I must punish their arrogance. I AM THE LONG SWORD MASTER AROUND HERE!

Ki can zap the GANG!!

I am really hoping we get TWO Long Sword drops here. That way we can replace DAD-E's and Ki's Hammers. And more importantly, with everyone holding a Long Sword we can officially rebrand the team to THE LONG SQUAD.
Undead palette swap of BULL

User Info: AstralEsper

2 months ago#8
[Yeah, let's take a look at what's behind the next door.

Incidentally, did any of the preserved food look like it might still be intact/viable? Any of the cans have interesting labels? Astrid would be inclined to grab something if it looked particularly novel. Along those lines, was there anything that looked like a Twinkie? (I know in real life they actually have modest expiration dates but maybe they live up to the legend in this world, if some analog of them exists?).]

User Info: Nobishnar

2 months ago#9
Each round, you can choose to MOVE, PUSH, or HOLD:
MOVE - indicate a direction. If the opponent in the target square is HOLDing, you switch spots with them. If two players MOVE into the same spot, they will instead PUSH one another back to their original spots
PUSH - indicate a direction. You deal damage to that square and move the person 1 square if there's an opening
HOLD - you stand your ground and resist PUSHes, but are open to MOVEs
At the end of each round, the tortoise will chomp on a random target in the red zone, automatically eliminating them (obviously). Anyone reduced to 0 HP will also be eliminated.

Each PUSH does 2 dmg to the target. Players in the Red zone deal an extra 1 damage with their PUSHes. HOLD will reduce any PUSH to 1 damage. All MOVEs will have priority in a round. Finally, everyone has 6 HP for the purposes of this event before they'll get knocked down.]

I was going to have to keep going back and forth to remember. So for my ease, and yours, mini game rules in new thread.
(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: ActionIV

2 months ago#10
[Missing a command for @goatfishman . It's been a pretty rough day, so I'm not sure I'll wrap this up tonight. I'll make sure something gets posted this weekend at some point if not tonight, though.]
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