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User Info: wbloechel

10 years ago#51
I figured there would be something like this somewhere within these boards.
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User Info: TRC

10 years ago#52
There are more to come, no doubt.
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User Info: Stevewins456

10 years ago#53
pojr was here...in my sig. O:
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User Info: DbZ_smash

10 years ago#54
What the hell is this topic? >_>
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User Info: Kool-Aid-Relic

10 years ago#56
I don't know o_O
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User Info: gbchaosmaster

10 years ago#57
This should be made into a rule of the internet: if it exists, someone is collecting it.

User Info: LUEshiWithRICE

10 years ago#58
Rule 2: If someone is collecting it, it is most likely porn.
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