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  3. Group says national school uniform too sexy

User Info: raytan7585

13 years ago#11
That news was just WTF.

School uniform? Too sexy? ROFL
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User Info: engseng

13 years ago#12
That news is just to distract you from Mahathir and the other UMNO problems currently happening. Don't get too worked up by it.

Now this is what Japanese schoolgirls wear, even in the winter:


User Info: Yuki_Ijuin

13 years ago#13
They have blazers in winter and the skirt is too short to be tolerated by their school authorities (Unless it's a ghetto school or something.) Mostly their schools in central Japan wears black/grey plaid skirts.
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User Info: CLF_DeViLzX

13 years ago#14
Ask Pn. Munirah, dulu puan pun pakai uniform yang sama kan? Dulu ada orang nak goda puan? LOL....

Common sense.... I find that the response from people in The Star is kinda amusing following this statement. Some say the blouse should be make with thicker fabric, while some say the girls didn't find anything wicked with the uniform.

Geez.... what a big joke.
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User Info: St0rmFury

13 years ago#15
This made me laughed my socks off.

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User Info: Legenddramon

13 years ago#16
^ yeah lol.

I've to disagree with our school uniform being too sexy. Its average... less sexier than what most gals wear nowadays.
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User Info: Crow_67

13 years ago#17
I also disagree with our uniforms being sexy.

The ones that have thin fabric are the ones that the girls personally tailored (from a tailor shop). Basically, they are the ones attracting attention and are looking for trouble. Usually tailored uniforms follow body line, are tighter, have see-through fabric, etc. The standard uniform bought from stores are regular and not sexy at all, unless they deliberately buy short skirts and size S baju kurungs, which is their own fault and doing.
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  3. Group says national school uniform too sexy
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