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User Info: Sirpasta

9 years ago#1
Some new information has come out about a new Sim City! Including concept art


Almost a quarter century after SimCity Will Wright, Maxis is developing a new simulator cities.

Genre: Construction of cities.
Publisher: Electronic Arts.
Developer: Maxis (Darkspore, GS06/11: 60 points).
Date: 2013.
State: 30% of development.

New graphics engine and road round.
Multiplayer mode.
Buildings updatable.
The various cities.
Send infographics.
The positioning of the camera …

Do … can cost scenarios.
The Sims are sometimes shown without a head.

I'm soooo excited, its been too long.
Anything is Pasta-ible!
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User Info: crobat1

9 years ago#2
Looks good to me.
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