new mod for PC: BKoAC version of RoTK2 (the second and final release)

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User Info: Cao_Bao

2 years ago#1
Well, since there are nobody here, maybe some were captured by Gao Qiu, and several more are forced to go to exiles, so I can brag freely without purpose here.

I played BKoAC from year maybe 1991 or 1992.
During the play, I was a little bit disappointed by two major problems:
1. One order per turn (each month).
2. Gao Qiu and lots of goodfellows are unplayable.
Since then, I harbored a dangerous grudge, that would prove horrible at the next 25 years.

About year 1994, someone taught me about hexeditting.
It's very conventional using PC-Tools and Norton-Utility.
And somehow I'm still a kid, I only use it for hexeditting my savegames, and making some mess and hangs also.

About ten years later, I started to think about hexeditting the scenarios. One of the best reason is the Microsoft Excel are very good since 2003. The easier to use the database, rather than older 123 in year 1990s.

And for quick jump into the future...

About four years ago I started to browsing gamefaqs and meet two certain heroes, the one is Chaoyun2k (another has fallen to my spear?) and the other is JRave.
From their informations and discussions, I was able to make my first BKoAC mod using RoTK2 engine.

Lots of playable rulers, include Gao Qiu himself, and also those unplayables (example Zeng Tu, Li Zhong, Fan Rui, Wang Lun, etc) become playables because RoTK2 has 11 slots for playable rulers.
I also added our glorious emperor Zhao Huizhong into my mod, replacing the Dong Zhuo.

Gao Qiu replaces Cao Cao. His most able advisor is Wen Huan Zhang, and another able advisor is Gao Lian. Since he replace Cao Cao's forces, no wonder that he become the most powerful army.
Song Jiang replace Liu Bei. And he was followed by those bandits. Although he has inferior army but his officers are stronger than Gao Qiu.

Also I add those three major rebel leaders: Fang La, Tian Hu, Wang Qing.
Then the mod quickly replace all RoTK2 characters and suddenly almost become a new version of game.

Later I recovered some datas of RoTK4, which has stats of bandits too in higher values.

Then I quickly readjust the new datas (and upgrade most of bandits, example Li Kui has war 95 and now become 100 because of the RoTK4 data)

But the others are not listed in RoTK4, so I addded them with 10 points for each int war chm. So they are upgraded too.
My reason of upgrading because it's quite annoying playing with original BKoAC stats in RoTK2. The war gerenals are weak and the governors has low charm.
Now all the upgrade finished, and I also readjust some of the generals if I think necessary (prominent figures with undervalued stats).

Now those three major rebels are more dangerous, their top generals are about as same quality to bandits.
Our great famous brothers Dang Shi Ying and Dang Shi Xiong are also quite good now, although not as strong as Xiahou brothers.

User Info: Cao_Bao

2 years ago#2
Gao Qiu himself has very awful stats, but he is the grand marshall of the empire. Somehow I have no choice but to pay bribes to...., er I mean I have no choice but upgrade his war ability as well.

I also use BKoAC opening before RoTK2 starting menu.

All portraits are transferred well.
Gao Qiu will use his own portraits, not Cao Bao's.

User Info: Cao_Bao

2 years ago#3
Since I upgrade the stats with RoTK4, so Wu Yong has just become Zhuge Liang, and that beggar Luo Zhen Ren either.... And also *drumroll please*: Song Jiang.
Li Shi Shi suddenly have a charm of an emperor..

User Info: Cao_Bao

2 years ago#4
Somehow if we wish to compare the battle mode between BKoAC and RoTK2.
The most compatible is RoTK2 difficulty 3, because of the more horrorful firestorm.
Duel also more fair in RoTK2 engine.

The major reason why I transformed all characters in RoTK2 replaced by all characters of BKoAC, and why I choose RoTK2, is because RoTK2 earn its popularity with a special ruler name Liu Biao.
While in BKoAC, most of the cities have 2-3 castles which can have 10-15 bandits, and the most is Kai Feng with 7 castles means can hold 35 bandits. But in RoTK2 that Liu Biao can hold more than 30's officers. Means all cities in RoTK2 can be crowded with officers.

Another major reason is, in BKoAC we only perform one order per month. While in RoTK2 we can perform as many orders as many officers we have in that city.
That means the more officers the more powerful the city is.

The last reason is we wish to use Gao Qiu, which are not allowed in BKoAC. But in the RoTK2 engine, Gao Qiu replace Cao Cao, means Gao Qiu is playable.

But using RoTK2 engine has several downside.
Example: magic is no longer exist. So the magician are no use for now, and they are more functional as advisors.
Another is the popularity points are replaced by trust points. While building trust is somehow annoying here.
And more other is the function of IMC cannot be used in RoTK2, and replaced by compat value.
In battle, the dexterity also not functional, means we cannot shoot our enemies any more. But in exchange, however we can charge the enemies to the death.
Also the river current is now obsolete, and more over, each provinces has one major castle, which if fallen then lose the war, means we can no longer doing hit-and-run in defending.

But RoTK2 has other advantages too, so rather than comparing these two, maybe we should accept my new mod as a brand new game.

One of RoTK2 advantages is: you can control every each of your cities, you don't need any sworn brothers.
And if you have family or brothers, then their loyalty cannot drop, and that's the power of the family ties.

Another RoTK2 advantages is you are able to recruit enemy generals, although very stupid that you can recruit from farthest cities within single month.
But RoTK2 cannot invite into lair, but they can do threaten diplomacy.
For our comfort, there are nobody with special stern personality which refused any threaten diplomacy. We can threaten everyone here. (Original RoTK2 did not allow Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Cao Pi, and Dong Zhuo to surrender).

Since the family ties is very useful in RoTK2 engine, now that Song Qing can play more prominent role in Song Jiang's empire. While in BKoAC that Song Qing is horribly useless at all.

Zeng Tu is one of those benefited from family ties in this RoTK2 engine.
With his brothers, he can do some speedrun if we wish to.

Somehow I try to barred the speedrun mode.
I upgrade Gao Qiu's starting army into greatly powerful.
Now you have no choice but to pay bribes to Gao Qiu.
Especially in scenario 4, that Gao Qiu suddenly become toooo powerful.

User Info: chaoyun2k

2 years ago#5
Is there a link somewhere?

Maybe you could post the addresses that you changed when editing or something?
Some are wise, some are otherwise, and I have my moments.

User Info: Cao_Bao

2 years ago#6
Umm, sorry Sir, I really want to post my mod, but unfortunately I really don't know anything but sending emails.
Maybe if I can send my files via emails to you, and then you can post it somewhere in the web.

Cao Bao's strategy: CHARGE !!
Resident Evil 4 boss: "Ow, that tickles..."

User Info: chaoyun2k

2 years ago#7
We can try that, although I can't think of anywhere at the moment if someone has a suggestion along that line.

I was hoping that you might be able to post a few significant addresses, like what did you have to change to avoid the 1127 event or an address for some of the goodfellows.
Some are wise, some are otherwise, and I have my moments.

User Info: Cao_Bao

2 years ago#8
Umm, but my mod is RoTK2 engine, and using all BKoAC characters, not vice versa.
So it is Gao Qiu replace Cao Cao in RoTK2 game, not Cao Cao replace Gao Qiu in BKoAC.
(It's harder to put RoTK2 mod into BKoAC engine, especially the major problems is about how much popularity needed to recruit a bandit, and the other major problems is the starting position of each bandit could be unchangeable).
(While RoTK2 engine PC, each scenario has its own set of people, so we can completely rename every person in each scenario, as well as changing their portraits each scenario).

So in my mod, Gao Qiu is playing RoTK2.
That means Gao Qiu can bribe every other generals, not as BKoAC where we must bribe Gao Qiu.
And in RoTK2, we can re-set Gao Qiu into greater force with about 50+ officers in the later scenarios.
While in RoTK2 PC, each generals can carry 10.000 soldiers, so we assume Gao Qiu forces can have 500.000 soldiers in his empire.

User Info: Cao_Bao

2 years ago#9
Since I use RoTK2 engine, so there is no year 1127 limit.
In fact, I use that Wanyan Aguda (the northern barbarian chief) as one of unplayable ruler. So that you can take revenge on him by attacking him and capture him and maybe behead him.
And for amusement, I add some special generals, include the legend Yue Fei. But unfortunately he is on the 'government' side, yeah you know who, and you know why.

And since this one is different game, then you will experience what RoTK2 did.
You can behead Gao Qiu, but then maybe Gao Lian will succeed him, or maybe Tong Guan or Cai Jing if Gao Lian is missing.
When Song Jiang was killed, then his successor is not Lin Chong or Hua Rong, but Song Qing, because of their family ties. This makes Song Qing more important in the game, compared to BKoAC.
You gonna hate those Zengs more. Zeng Tu with all his loyal brothers is usable to do speedrun, although their war ability are average. But you maybe gonna love those Zengs when you played using them.
Wang Lun is an idiot, I think there's nothing more to say about him.
Cui Dao Cheng, if there's a way to select to play him from starting menu, for he is replacing Kong Rong.

We heard Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan in Cao Cao's army, which are good generals and also can be good governors.
Here, we can see Dang Shi Ying and Dang Shi Xiong in Gao Qiu's army. These two guys mostly become the leader/commander of Gao Qiu's invasions.

And the most horrifying is I put the Emperor Hui Zhong to replace Dong Zhuo!
Now the Emperor doesn't need to ask any chieftain bandits to destroy Gao Qiu, since he can do that by his own army.
Many of loyal patriotic generals followed Emperor Hui Zhong, example is Wang Jin. And some others are historical ministers, like Zhong Shu Yie and the others, who historically serve the Emperor (include some bad guys).

If we ever read the story about Fang La.
We heard about Pang Wan Chuen shot Shi Jin to death with only single shot.
We heard that Fang Jie slays Qin Ming, and Bao Dao Yi slice off Wu Song's arm, and Shi Bao duels Guan Sheng for hundred bouts to draw, and Deng Yuan Jue also duels Lu Zhi Shen to draw.
All those generals are followers of Fang La, who rebels and declare independence and taking the southeast provinces.
So it's very good that we can have some more playable rulers, which are the major rebels who are about as strong as Liang Shan forces. It's Tian Hu, Wang Qing, and Fang La.
(Note that Tian Hu's forces include: Qiao Lie, Bian Xiang, Shan Shi Qi, Sun An, etc; and that Wang Qing's forces include that powerful Yuan Lang).

Since BKoAC has 259 portraits while RoTK2 has 312 generals. So I have no choice but add more generals to fulfill it.
The additions are include Tong Guan's generals, Wang Qing generals, Fang La generals (include Li Tian Run who slays Zhong Qing), and also Yue Fei, Wanyan Aguda, and many others.

Wanyan Aguda: "We have waited long enough, prepare for war!"
The Northern Barbarians have invaded the Empire! All is los.....umm, no, wait!
Yue Fei: "My wrath bristles through my helmet, the rain stops as I stand by the rain; I look up towards the sky and let loose a passionate roar."
Yue Fei's strategy: charge!

User Info: chaoyun2k

2 years ago#10
Ah, so it is basically the Rotk2 map with Bandit Kings names?

Did you change the stats much or did you match the stats to Bandit Kings characters?
Some are wise, some are otherwise, and I have my moments.
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