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  3. Anyone know where I can see a picture of the game over screen?

User Info: Gilberto

11 years ago#11
tagged as well
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User Info: Whitebird

11 years ago#12
*hires more staff*
*builds a new roller coaster*
*guy jumps out of a window*

Man it has been a long time since i played this and theme hospital, the game over scene came as a total WTF moment
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User Info: Anony1200

11 years ago#13
This is why you should have a camera.
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User Info: warpstarkirby

11 years ago#14
I used to have a rom copy of this, if I could find it I'd take a screencap.
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User Info: _Red___XIII_

11 years ago#15
cuz im knot doing nething rong... -Ddaannyy181
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User Info: BonehoChane

11 years ago#16
I would like to the see a video more than a picture. I remember Road Rage having ridiculous game over videos too. Maybe not as controversial though.
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User Info: XxKratosxX

11 years ago#17
Tag for future refrenses i need to see it
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User Info: gameguy558

11 years ago#18
tracking topic, i wanna see this as well
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User Info: hipery

11 years ago#19
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User Info: NotPanoz

11 years ago#20
I was looking on youtube too. There is nothing about the ending, but the intro is creepy as hell.
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  3. Anyone know where I can see a picture of the game over screen?
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