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User Info: Trambient

6 years ago#21
The thing that struck me the most about the Sandship, and it was honestly probably one of the most memorable events in a Zelda game for me (which, in retrospect, is kinda odd, just because it's so minor), was the fact that I didn't even realize I was in a dungeon until I saw the boss door. Even then, I was confused for a moment. Something about that is just kinda.... I dunno, amazing haha. As a straight dungeon, it was really entertaining, but that moment alone makes it stand a cut above the other dungeons whose content I felt was actually more entertaining.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed all of the dungeons, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Ancient Cistern for some reason. It's pretty much the first time in the entire franchise where I feel like the developers made a concerted effort to make the water themed dungeon not terrible (if you guys haven't played the Oracle games, and wanna know what the Water Temple would play like in 2D in a Gameboy game, check out Jabu Jabu's Belly in Ages, and then feel free to kill me for suggesting it).

Honestly though, I feel like all the dungeons flowed really well and were outstanding. I don't think there was that supreme standout, like Stone Tower Temple, Spirit Temple, Turtle Rock, but there's a lot to be said about the fact that there were no bad eggs.
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User Info: Trambient

6 years ago#22
So, anyway, onto my experiences marathoning the better part of the whole series (not counting Four Swords in any respect, I actually played every single handheld Zelda back to back, and with the exception of LttP, I played every single 2D Zelda).

I actually... don't know where to start haha. I genuinely enjoyed all of the games, and a lot, too. Any guilt that I had claiming TP was my least favorite game in the series, having not finished most of them, has washed away. I can say that resolutely.

I honestly have no idea how to make some kind of coherent reflection of all the games (it would probably be easier if I hadn't just played through the NES games), but I'll get around to it before I lose it, hopefully. I'll just give extremely brief thoughts on the games individually, for now.

Phantom Hourglass: Really entertaining, Linebeck was amazing, I enjoyed the game all around, but it felt like (even before having played ST, but especially afterwards) it lacked some kind of necessary polish. It just felt sloppy at times. That said, loved the Realm of the Ocean King, and enjoyed the game overall.

Spirit Tracks: Much more polished, much better dungeons, better items, etc etc. For some really inexplicable reason, I liked PH more. Link and Zelda are great in this game, but it was the other characters that proved to be memorable in PH, which was nice, and I preferred exploring the ocean and finding random things to staring at train tracks forever. I still loved the game though, and objectively, it is definitely the better of the two DS games.

Oracle duo: Individually, both of these games are really good. Collectively, when judged as a whole, they're fantastic, and stand toe to toe with LA.

LA: I feel like I've said everything I need to say about this is previous topics. It's still my favorite handheld Zelda (although a linked Oracle game proves to be a decent contender).

Minish Cap: Great dungeon design, great Hyrule, this is a really solid Zelda game. Too much junk to do, though, I would get sidetracked endlessly between dungeons, Kinstones nearly killed this game for me.

Zelda 1: Super fantastic. By this point, especially after playing Minish Cap, I'd had enough of expositional dialogue and being told what to do and how to do it. It was just really refreshing to be on my own and figure it out for myself and discover random stuff on my own.

Zelda 2: This is hardly a Zelda game, but it being categorized as the black sheep of the series is a crime. This game is like the Demon's Souls of NES games haha. There are definitely cheap moments (don't even get me started on just so much as getting to the final dungeon. I don't mean getting through to game to that point, I mean literally just walking to it), but it never feels like anything other than user error. This game honestly had amazingly impressive AI and combat strategy for its time.
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User Info: the_love_less

6 years ago#23
Okay, I didn't read a lot of the Skyward Sword stuff, because of spoilers. But I skimmed it, and you guys are TOTAL nerds.
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User Info: Trambient

6 years ago#24
I'm obviously at peace with that.
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User Info: Trambient

6 years ago#25
So.... yeah, the phase needs to run its course naturally, as opposed to being forced to an end haha. I'm one dungeon away from being done with LttP.

It's weird, I had sorta forgotten how light the earlier games were on outright puzzles. LttP in particular is all about traps and complex maze-like designs. In that respect, Oracle of Ages and Minish Cap are easily the most linear, puzzle-intensive dungeon layouts of the 2D Zelda games. LttP may have been the blue-print for progression in a modern Zelda, but OoT was definitely the game that determined that the dungeons would be puzzle oriented (the NES games had next to nothing that could be construed as a puzzle, and although LttP has its moments, that's hardly the focus. Hell, I'd say LA had more outright puzzles than LttP).

Anyway, I'm thinking OoT will actually be next. I've gotten so accustomed to playing handheld that I might as well blow through the 3DS version. After playing every single 2D Zelda in succession (with the exception, again, of the Four Swords games), I sorta feel like I need a refresher course on the 3D games anyway. We'll see if my patience can carry me through OoT to MM and WW. I can already tell you right now, though, that what I want out of a Zelda game now is pretty much entirely different than it was right when I played SS.
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