I've now installed the Complete mods for each of the STALKER games.

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User Info: Mertato

6 years ago#11
They're mostly known for being buggy messes of games that the community have cleaned up through overhaul mods or whatever else. I wouldn't recommend playing the Vanilla version of any of these, because it's just not worth it.

Complete has its drawbacks compared to Oblivion Lost, which unleashes the AI and brings out cut content like blowouts, which are something to be feared. If you're caught with no cover when one happens, you'll die from the radiation very quickly. Plus, vehicles... because it can become a little wearying to walk from place to place. I just like the option of "fast travel" being there, even though I would never use it because I have to explore any building I come across.

I took some more screens after playing for an hour this morning, but it's not a lot of story to cover. I'll post those sometime later and my much promised Stalker series intro. I'm so bad about actually finishing things, ugh. Forgive me.
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So we have that.

User Info: Mertato

6 years ago#12
I touched on some of this in an earlier post, but didn't give much detail so you guys could follow what exactly is happening in the story. I'll try and fix that here and I've taken a somewhat different approach with screenshots by including mission points and so on.

The Stalker series borrows pretty heavily from the short novel Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. It tells the story of the Visitors, something alien, that came to earth at six separate points for 12-24 hours and caused the local population to either become blind or suffer from a type of plague. These Visitation Zones became very deadly from anomalous activity.

It was feared that there were artifacts inside that could cause harm to the planet, so armies were sent to surround the Zones with orders to either arrest or kill anyone that tried to sneak inside or out. Men known as "Stalkers" would risk their lives to illegally recover the alien artifacts to sell for profit. Many artifacts had no known function, but the most desired one of them all was the Golden Sphere, which was rumored to have the power to make any wish come true. On the downside, it was located so deep in the Zone and surrounded by traps and other obstacles that it was nigh impossible to reach.

Now shoot forward to Shadow of Chernobyl, a game developed by GSC Game World based out of Ukraine. There is an alternate reality theme where the Chernobyl Power Plant, which was repopulated primarily with scientists and military personnel, has a second nuclear disaster in 2006 and either killed or mutated most of the inhabitants in the area (roughly 30 square kilometers). The events of the game take place years later, where people have come back in search of valuable artifacts and scientific information.

At the heart of "The Zone" lies the power plant, which is said to contain a monolithic crystal of unknown origin called the Wish Granter. Like the novella, it's treacherous going with all of the hazards in between.

The person you play as is amnesiac and only known as "Marked One", because of the tattoo he bears on his arm. The only real clue that he has of his identity is the PDA that he had on him which has just one mission on it: Kill Strelok. With each new contact, you make your way deeper into the Zone and piece together more of your past.

I played a bit more of the game today, so I'm up just before Lab X16 where Ghost, a close friend of Strelok, is said to be located. I'll upload the screens of everything up to that point when I'm back on the weekend. There are lots of 'em. Hopefully the background info helps to clear up any confusion, if not, just ask and I'll be happy to clarify. I was also about to post a map of the region for a better idea of where I'm going, but it's gigantic and gives away plot spoilers, so better to do without it.
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So we have that.

User Info: Mertato

6 years ago#13
It's a bit disconnected but I took some quick screens of the map just now. I'll post them from the most northern part, which has the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (the point of no return and the end of the game), down to the south in Cordon where you actually start off from.


Chernobyl NPP




To the northeast is Red Forest and to the south are the Army Warehouses.


The northwest is Yantar where scientists have set up camp and use helicopters to come in and out. A mostly dried up lake, leaving swampland in its place. It's where they first introduce the zombie soldiers that roam around that can actually fire weapons at you too, taking notes from Day of the Dead I guess... Worse yet, Snorks show up in ridiculous numbers.

Directly to the east of that is the Wild Territory, which is where the Duty outpost is held along with the Bar I mentioned quite a bit in earlier screens.

The furthest location to the east is the Dark Valley, which is really only notable for Lab X18 that is hidden there. It's also where I got into a firefight with some bandits on the farm when they took my money after what I thought was a fair trade.

I'll mention the other two landmarks after the next screen.


Top center is the Garbage, the main dumping ground of irradiated materials from the 1986 disaster. Good place to farm for artifacts.

To the west of that is the Agroprom Research Institute. Underneath is the first underground in the game, containing Strelok's stash, which features a bloodsucker and controller. Whenever you come out, it's dark and the military are making their rounds as you try to leave quietly. My old screen of the full moon was from here.

Finally, furthest south, is Cordon where the rookie Stalkers stay. There is a railroad bridge in the center of it, cutting the area in half, which acts as a chokepoint. You can either bribe the Major there for entry or kill him and his men. I wanted his Fort-15 pistol, so I went with the second option.

Note: I intentionally left the northern areas without information just because I haven't reached them yet. I'll make sure to be thorough in future screenshots.
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So we have that.

User Info: Mertato

6 years ago#14
Success! After on and off playing throughout the month of June, I've finally wrapped up Shadow of Chernobyl. I'll get into it in detail with screenshots and such, like always, but I should say that it's brutally difficult if your supplies are limited at the end. Mine definitely were after the point of no return was lined with enemies with rocket launchers with always deadly accuracy, so there went my armor (but it did save my life) and I was forced to pop my anti-rads constantly at the nuclear power plant which was loaded up with the fanatical Monolith faction that defend the Wish Granter.

I started Clear Sky already, the weakest of the series, which loses some of the horror elements and plays more like a generic shooter. The lighting effects are definitely a step up though, so there's that. Unfortunately, the main feature of "faction wars" becomes more of a babysitting affair where you're called to and fro by the different hold outs when they are attacked and it becomes more of a chore than fun.

I'll be glad when this one's over and I can start Call of Pripyat.
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User Info: Mertato

6 years ago#15
From the trader at the Bar, I head east into the Wild Territory and am not met with a very nice reception as I'm forced to take cover behind a wall after being shot by mercenaries at the far end of the courtyard.



Unfortunately I was running a little dry on ammo at this point when I should have resupplied before coming this way, especially with all of the different enemy types in the Wild Territory. So instead, I tossed four grenades through a window and then made a break for it while they recovered (if there were any still alive).


Surprisingly, one still put up a fight but he was easy enough to take out.



Just to be safe, I climbed the short ladder up to see if there were any other survivors, because the game has a nasty habit of surprising you with a shotgun in the back by someone you never knew was there. Luckily I found thirty rounds of ammunition off of the dead.

Back down the ladder and through the other side, the Wild Territory really starts to open up with a rail yard up ahead and other scattered buildings.




As I was further in, a firefight could be heard between the mercenaries and scientist faction up ahead after their research team suffered a helicopter crash either coming to or from their base of operations in Yantar.



After a short battle, I scope out the helicopter for supplies and find a survivor of the wreck, Kruglov, that had hidden himself away behind a nearby wall.


It only says his name about a dozen times on the screen. Yes! I get that you are Professor Kruglov, thank you!

He asks me to escort him out of the Wild Territory and into the swampy region of Yantar where he would explain what he knows about the Brain Scorcher of the Red Forest, a device that would not allow for safe passage to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and can turn those that try into zombies. Unfortunately, the Complete mod for Shadow of Chernobyl leaves them not undead looking, which is a shame, plus their accuracy is ridiculously good. They may be severely brain damaged but they know how to fire a gun. Social commentary, maybe?



The idiot "Professor Kruglov" runs on ahead into a group of enemies only to be killed not two minutes after our little chat. Well that ends that. With the path clear (and after looting Kruglov's corpse), I head forward until I come to an underpass filled with anomalies and my very first taste of zombie stalkers.





On the other side of the underpass is a clear path over to Yantar, with one more zombie shambling around, although he doesn't seem to notice me at all so I continued on.



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User Info: Mertato

6 years ago#16
More screens later today.
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User Info: Mertato

6 years ago#17
A factory was built nearby Lake Yantar when a construction crew caused an accident underground which drained the water and brought about the swampy, desolate look that it is now. It houses Lab X16 deep inside, sister laboratory of X18 from earlier, which contains the "Miracle Machine" - an attempt to control the minds of people and creatures within a certain radius through the use of a psi-emitter (one that you'll see later). The main threat outside would be the zombie stalkers, who were unprotected by the psi emissions for an extended period of time while searching for artifacts until it caused irreversible damage to their brains leaving them with only basic wants or needs as they roam the area.



They're very stupid but, even when firing from the hip, have pretty high accuracy with whatever weapon they may be carrying around and can be a threat if you are swarmed by a group of them. Luckily they don't know how to use cover so it's easy to dispose of them at a longer range when they didn't even know you were there.



The mobile science lab, led by Professor Sakharov. One of his assistants, Kruglov, was trying to make it here but unfortunately died on the way in the Wild Territory. Here I am on top of the lab on the helipad that they use to avoid any threat of mutants on the ground. Off in the distance is the factory that houses Lab X16.




In order to access X16, Sakharov needs Marked One's help to accompany his assistant Semenov while he takes radiation measurements nearby. As a reward, I'll be given the functional psi-helmet to be able to access the factory in my search for Ghost, friend of Strelok.




We make it to the location without incident because I had already killed what zombie stalkers were in the area on my way to the mobile lab, although there is high radiation on the other side of the pipeline.



While taking the reading, the psi-emission becomes too much and we're both knocked unconscious for a time, only to wake up a little shaken but otherwise healthy.




With the measurements taken and Sakharov pleased, I am given the psi-helmet and some information on how I might be able to access X16, with directions left on the corpse of Professor Vasiliev who worked with Ghost to breach the laboratory.



I stayed fairly close to the perimeter fence of the mobile lab for fear of snorks but had to circle around the swamp which would have made me too slow and open to attack.



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User Info: Mertato

6 years ago#18
Another pair of mutants attack, while the grass makes it difficult to try for headshots to quickly take them down. Once the zombies and snorks in my path are taken out, I head over to a derelict helicopter and find Vasiliev's body. It seems that when Vasiliev and Ghost encountered a Controller within X16, he opted to run away only to be overtaken by zombies outside of the factory in his escape. I'm impressed he made it this far!


The most important information was off of his PDA that gave the location of Lab X16 inside the remains of the factory. With my psi-helmet still equipped, I head in that direction.




Zombie activity is actually pretty thick here and there are remains of people spread about the area.



Now at the entrance of this industrial complex, I head inside of the courtyard.




I didn't want to become too exposed, so I went into a side building with two snorks inside and killed both only to have my shots alert apparently every other mutant in the area. They jumped from the rooftop, ran around and crashed through the windows or swarmed through the doorway on the far side. I had to spam my health packs as I circle strafed to avoid their leap attack and finally they all lay dead. For comparison, view the next two shots:



The coast seemed to be clear so I searched around and found a pack next to a dead stalker, but it was empty.


As I went further into the factory, zombie stalkers started to shamble in and I had a short firefight with them and collected whatever ammo they still had on them (I was definitely hurting for some at this point).



My gunfight interested a pack of snorks so I went up some stairs and a thick pipe to stay out of sight as they passed. Hungry, one fed on some of the dead that were down below.



I crossed and came to the building that housed X16 in the lower level, only I was on the rooftop and needed to find a way down.


There was a somewhat broken staircase which brought me down to ground level as I took whatever ammunition I could find off of the dead to prepare for what was inside of the laboratory below.


Down another staircase only to find that the entrance to X16 was guarded by military with no way to sneak inside. I was going to have to fight my way in.




My main goal inside is to find Ghost, who is presumed dead, but also to shut down the Miracle Machine that is causing the psi-emissions in the area and recover the data about it for the ecologists in the mobile lab. Unless I take the screenshots with me on my laptop, this won't be updated for three weeks (as usual, ha).
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User Info: Mertato

6 years ago#19
When the 500 topic archives, I doubt any of these will be in purge danger until I'm back stateside but just in case...
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