Anarchy Hyrule (The Nostalgic in you wants to post)

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User Info: TheGr81HHH22

8 years ago#1
Anarchy Hyrule

"It has been many long years since the dissolution of Slayer and the fall of the Hylian Knights. The lack of order and stability cause a five year long civil war that brough the continent to its knees. It was at this time that Jarith chose to make his final play for power. One attack with the Draconus IV was all it took tor obliterate the strife ridden nation. Within a few mere hours the shining beacon of hope in the world was destroyed. The remaining citizens fled to the outlying lands to live a simple life on the land, nothing like the grandiose life they new before. Jarith and the Red Robes now control all of Gigas and Most of the north. They are held back from the south partly from a lack of desire to lord of powerless peasants and partly from the presence of the Necromancer Heero who only desires to fuel his undead machinations with souls from the surrounding lands.

Times are hard now on the continent of Hyrule. It's residents must always be on the lookout for Solaran Raiding parties looking for treasure, or Heero's New Red Raider searching for new souls and also for local gangs trying to create a name for themselves in the anarchy that is Hyrule.

Ruins of Hyrule (100 Years after the Final Fall of Ganon)

::In the dead of night a group of ten warriors search through the rubble of the long abandoned capitol of Hyrule.::

Person #1: what exactly are we looking for again?

Person #2: It's an headstone with two swords and the words "Memento Mori" engraved on it. Sheesh, how many times do we have to tell you?

::The second person looks over at the first and gives him a dirty scowl when his line of sight is cut by a slender woman in her twenties walking by looking down at journal in one hand and a map in

Meridia:Don't be harsh with him ::still walking around not even taking her eyes off the map:: In my great grandmother's journals she said she often went to his grave by the barracks to pray to the gods for advice. And in another one of her journals she said that "Ranger and the Wizard" Erected a momument in his honor at the entrance of the HQ. All the old maps of the city show that this area is where the Barracks were. So here is where we look

*Feel free to take a role and help look around and interact. I'm sure I'll post more before anyone sees this*

User Info: John_E_G

8 years ago#2
In a desolate ice covered mountain a young man is braving a dark and bitterly cold cave. Armed with his trusty blade and his lantern, he plunges on into the eternal darkness hoping rumours of a passage through the mountain are true. If not, surely he will meet his end from the bitter cold within hours.

He ponders why he even seeks to go over the mountain other than to see... surely it must be better than what has become of the world.

Hours go by as the boy goes deeper into the mountain, truly turning back is not an option as what appeared to be a modest slope would prove quite the trial to climb back up. He wonders if his death in the end would be pointless and that of ridicule if anyone were to find his corpse.

When bleak was all he could think about he saw a light in the distance. When he arrived he found a room, a fresh stream of glacier water, warmth, and mushrooms to feast on. Truly the gods were smiling on him and giving him the chance to gather the strength to make the climb back out of the cavern.

It finally occured to him that the light in the cavern was uncommon. Floating, not lit on a torch. In the corner he saw a small rock with a dirt mound. On the rock there was a message.

Here lays

A Hero, Villian
Saint, Sinner,
Warrior, Cheat,
Leader, Traitor,
Inspiration, Drunk
In the end, a friend
Inspired by Austin316 not to change sig until Jericho wins World title. Started 08/31/2005...holy he won!!! I get to change my sig Sept. 2008

User Info: TheGr81HHH22

8 years ago#3
::Ruins of Hyrule::

*The Warriors search through the night and as dawn is breaking the first light that peaks over the

mountains shines on the ground and at one point reflects on an empty sheath that is mounted

throughout what looks like a very intricate grave stone*

Person #4: Over Here! I think I found something.

*The other all rush over to him and remove the rubble from around the stone*

Elyisen:*Reading the stone*

"Here lies Gladius Pium:
'My Master was the Slayer King,
Conquered men and many things,
forever shall the poets sing,
greatest of all human beings.'"

...a humble man he was not. The entrance must be near here, lets look around.

*After looking around for a few minutes they find a pile of rubble that covers stairs going into

the ground. They remove all the rubble and light up some torches and head down however as soon as

they enter the room floating torches in the room automatically light up and also a large sphere in

the center of the room glows a warm yellow color and voice comes from it*

Sentinel: Welcome back Queen, it has been a long while

Person 6:*staring intently at the sphere* Interesting it must detect people by their genetic mana

makeup, and it must detect yours as being similar to your great grandma's

Elyisen: Sentinel, Who am I

Sentinel: You are Queen Zelda Ruler of Hyrule starting in the year 3240

Person 4: I wonder what information we can get out of this. Sentinel, what is stored here in this


*Sentinel makes no response*

Person 5: I don't think it Likes you, maybe it only recognizes certain people like Elyisen because it thinks she's the Queen, maybe you should try asking.

Elyisen: What is in this place?

Sentinel: This is Slayer HQ.

Elyisen: What is in here?

Sentinel: This houses Slayer barracks, Weapons store, Underground tunnel out of the city and a prisoner holding facility

Elyisen: Well it looks like this will be our new HQ, lets take a look around and get acquainted.
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