An Apology

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User Info: Duck

8 years ago#1
Well the check-in topic is closed but apparently some of the old gang has been frequenting this old hangout of ours as recently as a couple of months ago. And I'm pretty sure I haven't apologized to everyone for my actions in the past so I'll take this opportunity to do so.

I suppose we all can bear some of the blame for the way things ended, but I feel I had an especially significant role in it. I was always selfish and manipulative, jealous of Ignitus and his popularity and influence, wanting to make my characters and ideas more important and influential. When I left out of pettiness I feel it played a key role in things coming to an end. I'm sorry I was too immature to get along with everyone, respect the creativity of others, and have a more positive impact on this community. Like Ryu, I can't change the past and I have to live with the consequences of my actions. I understand that several of the members here were not too fond of me as a person even though they liked my characters, and I can't blame you. Well, it seems like it's all water under the bridge now and I don't have hard feelings towards anyone.
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User Info: IgnitusBoyone

8 years ago#2
I want to note that this has been read by at least Jess and I. No one should feel that they are responsible for life moving forward and gangs splitting up. A group of friends of various ages stayed together while life allowed it and then it broke apart.

My signature includes a location where a few (four) of us hang out. Those who wish to join and post anything feel free to come by. The forums have several members, but only some of us post actively..
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User Info: NeoSaiyanX

8 years ago#3
Everyone had their fair share in the end, Duck. As did I, as did Ryu. Nobody dislikes you for it, we're all older now and have life taking place which is far more important than typing up stories. Bryan is older and nowhere to be found, Ryoko is around only sometimes on Board 8, Adam is NOWHERE to be found, Jess and I keep in good contact, Iggy has a forum where a bunch of people still contact one another, Ryu is willing to let the past slide, etc.

I say let it drop brotha.
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User Info: esb422

8 years ago#4
Adam is on Facebook.
I live under a bridge.

User Info: metroid13

8 years ago#5
I wouldn't beat yourself up over it. Waaaay too far in the past to worry about at this point, eh?
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User Info: Hyourinmaru

8 years ago#6
(17:01:40) <%Chen> Hell she makes my heart giggle

User Info: esb422

8 years ago#7
I live under a bridge.

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