Alphega Castle

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User Info: GreatY2E

9 years ago#41
"Why should the world exist without me? That wouldn't be fair." Kuja, FF9
MKWii FC: 4682-9501-7780

User Info: esb422

9 years ago#42
You've set off my trap card!
I live under a bridge.

User Info: LusterSoldier

9 years ago#43
Shadow_Ryoko | Posted 10/22/2008 5:14:23 PM | message detail
I don't think I've seen all of us post in a single topic in a looong time

I didn't expect to find you while board hunting.
Luster Soldier --- ~Shield Bearer~ | ~Data Analyst~
Popular at school, but still not as cool as FastFalcon05, Guru Champ!
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