All Hail Empress Jenny!

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User Info: JennDoombringer

5 years ago#1
I, Jennifer Sally Doombringer, am now the Supreme Eternal Sexy Empress/Goddess of this Board.

All men must report to the mines! What mines, you ask? Well, there aren't any. That's why you need to grab a shovel and START ****ING MINING!

All women are now members of my lesbian harem! No, the men aren't allowed to watch. KEEP MINING OR YOU WILL INCUR THE WRATH OF YOUR GODDESS!!!
I'm Jenny. I bring Doom

User Info: Dark_Koopatrol

5 years ago#2
Goodness gracious.
Bot's Domain gave Wairo. a garlic. But Wairo. didn't give him an onion.
So Bot's Domain said "I love you"... but Wairo. said "WAH HAH HAH".

User Info: guwa

5 years ago#3
There is only one empress, the lovely guwina. Threats to her reign face the might of the White Berets.

User Info: andel

5 years ago#4
mor liek all hell m I rite?
I am thinking about just walking into the river now that Megaupload is gone and condoms are in porn.-Fubonis

User Info: misterbum

5 years ago#5
This has the potential to become the best topic ever.

Or the worst.
You became the boss. You are great.
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