Leisure Suit Larry Papercraft/Cubeecraft

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User Info: TheDeadKennedys

6 years ago#1
I'm a huge fan of the Leisure Suit Larry games and created Foldable Papercrafts (also known as Cubees or Cubeecraft) with the art of all the different iterations of Larry. I have everything from Leisure Suit Larry 1 AGI to Leisure Suit Larry 7 excluding the two newest games that have come out.

Any Larry fan should definitely check these things out, they're very simple to create. You just need a printer with paper, (preferably cardstock but regular printer paper will do) black and colored ink, scissors, hands and a brain.

I uploaded them to my deviantART page: http://hysler.deviantart.com/

Enjoy my fellow Larry fans!
GT: CrackedOut xAKx

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