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11 months ago#1
I think the mobile version has party AI, this one doesn't. So I wanted a simple party to just press attack and kill everything. This play through turned out quite easy and I didn't have to grind much.

My party:

Tough hero
Hyper Thief lvl something into Warrior
Tough Merchant lvl 20 into Fighter
Valiant Fighter lvl 22 into Sage

I went to grind and get my sage before beating Robbin Hood in the cave. This didn't take too long I think, and was the only grind I did the entire game. Then after getting the ship, I had to go find the belt that gives Tough from the third pachisi track so that I could change my Thief into Warrior. Sage put on Garter belt immediately.

Ended up finishing Zoma with lvl38 hero, lvl36warrior, lvl36figther, lvl33sage.Hero had only 490000xp


Tough is a nice personality: Warrior 510hp, hero and fighter 430 hp each, sage(not tough) 250hp.

My sage couldn't cast HealUs yet and I don't think he cast a single offensive spell. He had 80 str to start with(123 at lvl 33) and hit things with a dragon tail.

Warrior was quite nice with extra AGI from thief, he oftentimes acted before the enemies. Finisher with 97 Agi(started with about 70-80 from Thief). I took warrior thinking I would use the spellcasting weapons, but he just hit things with Demon Axe and Gringham Whip.

All in all, nice game, could've uses a bit more variety, so maybe next time I'll use more casters in the party. Still a bit torn on the Warrior, he does have good hp but so does everyone else with Tough. A second fighter would be faster and could do criticals, and a Thief could steal seeds and stuff and use whips and boomerangs.
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