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User Info: Raulgage

10 months ago#11
Day 11

When I get close to the shrine, the wind blows me away from there, and I had to use the love powder in the exact place the ship stops, in front of some rocks in the sea. That's not so intuitive, but okay, I could find out without help. A cute scene of the couple dancing in the sky, and now I can pass without winds.
The shrine is actually a prison of souls, but there seems to be only one soul there, maybe the soul police isn't doing a good job. The hero Simon (Castlevania reference?) told me to take his sword near his body in a cell nearby, i found it but can't use it, I guess it's too rusty or something, I'm gonna throw it in the volcano anyway so it doesn't matter.

But before that, there is a lot of places undiscovered yet! The north America for example. Time to explore! I reached the eastern part of the continent and found a suspicious clearance in the forest, there were an old native that wanted to build a new town there! But he needs a merchant for that and oh boy, my merchant is now a thief and I'm not going to turn her back into merchant. New town is going to be just a dream my friend. Further into the land I reached the town of Sioux. They gave me hints of things I already know, except for a flute in a tower, that helps me to collect the dragon balls, and a talking silver horse!

I found the tower in the west, it was an easy task to find the flute, it seems i skipped this part when I had to, so the enemies are weak to me. Blowing the flute around the world to find the yellow ball looks like a bad idea, exploring anywhere is less fun when you have an encounter with monsters every 3 steps...I don't like to flee from a battle, any exp I can earn is good, and I'm used to this random encounter battle system, but I think it's just too much. I Chono Trigger there are fewer battles, and you know when and where will be the encounters, and the exp you gain is enough to keep a good level for the game, but it's unfair to compare any game with a masterpiece, so let's just keep going.

I found another village, Tedanki, where people are near the volcano, and are afraid of the dark lord, there is a prisoner that gave me the Green orb, but not much to do around. I want to find all the orbs to see what it does after all, will there be a Shenron? "Lôn" in Chinese means dragon, in Japanese the "L" becomes "R", but I don't know what the "Shen" stands for..."Eternal" maybe? "Holy"? "Sacred"?

Alright, that's it for now, next step, gotta catch 'em all!
"Or not" is always an option, or not. [FORTI R.B.]
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User Info: Raulgage

10 months ago#13
Day 12

Yeah I should focus more on this game if I want to finish it!

Anyway, I visited the tower of the phoenix and put my orbs on the altars, but I need 2 more to go...the Echo Flute doesn't help me at all, so I had to check on the guides for the yellow orb. It is found in the last stage of the New Town, that I ignored because I didn't wanted to change my thief back into merchant, and I still don't want to!

Okay, I'll try to proceed without those stupid orbs, I threw the sword in the volcano, and the solidified lava from the eruption made a path through the water. Found my way to Necrogond's Cave, full of strong enemies, and a maze! Nothing feels better than being lost in a cave full of strong enemies. In the end I found my way out, but for my misfortune, the castle of Baranos is surrounded by water! And my ship is of no use here...in a shrine, a lonely man congratulated me for reaching there, gave me the silver orb, and told me I need the holy birb to reach the castle.

Okay, I have no choice now, Robin will be a merchant again...dropped her in the village and got out. I researched a bit and found out the village grows with certain events of the game, but since most of them I already done, I just had to get in and out of the town to make it grow. The new town was named after my merchant, so it's called Robintown, cool name! She pushed the workers too hard, and got jailed for it! But the town grew so much, they should be more thankful to her. Anyway, she told me the yellow orb is in the back of her throne...I mean, chair...but it really looks like a throne. And she wants to stay in the irons to be forgiven. Okay, I'm back to the tower to see the rebirth of the holy birb! Ho-oh! Now I can fly, but I'm a little disappointed by the speed, it's soooo sloooow.

Oh, almost forgot, my sage learnt the magic Vivify, that SOMETIMES revives a character, it's so frustrating, I almost depleted my MP to revive a companion. And to make matters worse, most enemies I can't drain MP from, and when I can, it's as few as 10 points maximum. And to make it even worse, there's no Ether in the game! If the mage's MP depletes, it becomes completely useless...This game forces me to make a 3 warriors party! And I don't know why Wisdom grows so slow...my Thief gained 8 points in agility, Warrior 9 points in endurance, and the sage...2 points per level...I don't understand how it works in this game...

Okay, next step, I think I need to grind a little before going to the castle of the evil guy. And gonna visit a certain castle I could not reach without the birb!
"Or not" is always an option, or not. [FORTI R.B.]

User Info: Raulgage

10 months ago#14
Day 13

So much has happened! I went to the said castle, and there was a Dragon Queen about to die, so she laid an egg before dying. The egg was fine, but I couldn't find out what to do with it, will it hatch someday? I have no clue, and no one said anything about eggs, just orbs.

I trained until most my party was above level 30, my hero learnt Healall and Vivify, and the sage learnt some powerful spells too. Training with the metal slimes is a game of luck, so I opted to train in Necrogond Cave. When I felt ready, I entered the castle!

Some treasures there, not much to do, rushed to the throne room to find the big fat dragon waiting for me. I've faced harder bosses in the previous games, this one was definitely not the worst.

After defeating him, I went back to see if the egg hatched, but nothing. So I returned to Aliahan, everyone was happy to see me, waiting for me in the entrance of the city. Talking to the king, he arranged a big ceremony with trumpets and fanfare. Suddenly, lightning strikes killed the trumpeters, and the ghost of the big evil villain showed itself in the air, Zoma was his name, calling himself the lord of the underworld, challenging me to face him. I bet this one is the final boss, his name even starts with the last letter of the alphabet. The king asked me to destroy this one too, and keep it a secret to everybody. I'm going to the underworld then!

Before going there, I've heard about a special sword in Portoga, that only female warriors can wield, and by pure coincidence, my warrior is a woman, Helena (of Troy). The tunnel next to the castle of Baramos was opened to a crater, where I jumped to the underworld. I hope I can come back later to see if the dragon egg has hatched.

The underworld is a darkness version of the world of Dragon Quest 1. Some people gave me a Ship to sail the oceans and continue my quest. I was directed to find the city of Ludatorm, where I learnt a lot about this new world. The hero's equipment was stolen by Zoma, because it has the power to defeat him, he took 3 years to destroy the sword of the hero, and it's now shattered to pieces...do I have to retrieve every shard? I was told that to reach the castle of Zoma, I need to summon the Rainbow Bridge, and for that, I need sunshine and rain. I found the Sun Stone in the castle, now I need some rain.

They told me Rubiss was sealed by Zoma, and to free her I need the Fairy Flute, that is in a town to the east called Kol. I managed to get there, but could not find the flute, there is a tower where Rubiss is sealed, in an island, so I went there to see if I could find any clue on how to get the flute.

In the tower, there was an amazing puzzle, some tiles pointing right or left, that changes the direction of the movement. The trick is to turn the whole controller to the direction the arrow is pointing! I was amazed by this level of puzzle, they really made me think out of the box and I loved it! In the last floor of the tower, there was standing still, the statue of Rubiss, but no clue at all on how to get the flute...

I need to explore more, and find this flute next time!
"Or not" is always an option, or not. [FORTI R.B.]

User Info: Raulgage

9 months ago#15
Day 14

Returning to Ludatorm, I traveled west to appear in the other side of tha map, but I discovered this Dark World is Flat Earth! there's a waterfall in the end of the map, and darkness lies beyond. Hahah, Funny. Anyway, going north, and found a shrine with a couple telling me their son left home on an adventure (hopefully, not trying to be the very best like no one ever was), but left behind a Silver Harp, I found it beside the chest in the basement. Maybe I have to return it when I find him? Continuing my journey, I found a cave to the west of the shrine, inside the cave, the enemies are strong! And I can't use magic, luckily my Merchant was a thief, and knows the skill tiptoe that prevents frequent encounters. In the end of the cave, I found the Hero's Shield! I can't use Outside to get out, so I must be careful in my way back.

Returning to Ludatorm, my journey to the south started, and I arrived in a town called Domdora, in the desert. There I found an elf that told me where the flute is! Finally I can find it. I was told the a bard is in Mercado, a city to the east of Domdora. A dancer was part of the Ashalam crew, I told about her to the boss and he gave me a bikini. Weirdo. I stole the pacifier from a pregnant woman and dug orichalcum from the horse s***, another normal day in the life of the hero.

I went to the town of Mercado next, and no one there wants to work, I know the feeling...I found the bard, and played his harp, but he didn't cared at all. The elder surrounded by deadly floor told me about a shrine in the swamp, is he trying to keep enemies far from him? People around here are depressed, I must get out!

In the swamp shrine, there were elves, one gave me the Rain Staff and told me she was the one who called me in the beginning of the game, ooooh she must be someone important. She believes Ortega will defeat Zoma, so he must be alive, bet I will find him before entering the boss room. Or even better, he is gonna fight Zoma, be defeated, and then I will avenge him and save the world!

But this will have to wait for the next time, I've got the son stone end the rain staff, I just need the rest of the hero's equipment and fight Zoma finally.
"Or not" is always an option, or not. [FORTI R.B.]

User Info: Raulgage

9 months ago#16
Day 15

I found a shrine in an island on the southeast of the map, where a priest wanted me to prove I'm the hero! Oh just being here isn't proof enough?? He's obviously guarding a prize in the chest, and don't want to give it to me...well he's surrounded by gravestones, so I better leave him alone, he looks dangerous.

I got the flute, wich was easy to find due to Robin's thievery skills, and then I went straight to Rubiss Tower, there, I freed her from the stone form, and the thanked me with an amulet, that is exactly what I need to prove to that priest I'm the man! Humpf! I showed him the amulet and the fused it with the sun stone and rain staff to make a rainbow drop. Curious alchemy skills this guy has.

Okay, Rimuldar is the last town I visited, they gave me some hints on what to do, but I know already, I gotta use the rainbow drop to make a rainbow bridge, travelling west of Rimulldar I found the narrow path where a bridge was built by the colorful lights of the rainbow, so pretty, It reminds me of Zelda Ocarina of Time, when the seven sages builds a rainbow bridge to get to Gannondorf's Castle.

Inside the castle of Zoma, there were some mazes and loops, but I managed to proceed and finally found Ortega, fighting alone against a Hydra! The hero saw his death and didn't moved a finger to prevent it, his own father, what the hell? Well, as I predicted, he dies, and now I gotta avenge him. And avenge him I did, an easy fight with 4 heroes, but soon after the fight, a false Baramos suddenly appeared and wiped my team with ease.

Ooooh now I'm mad! Next time I'm gonna kick his butt!!
"Or not" is always an option, or not. [FORTI R.B.]

User Info: Raulgage

9 months ago#17
Final Day

And so it started, my last quest, to avenge my father, the world above, the world below, and every living creature, I equipped all my best gears and walked the path of hell to get to Zoma. Again the King Hydra came to me, and I dispatched him easily, next came Barabros, which required some strategy and luck, but I managed to beat him, recovering my MP with the Wizard Rings, but there came another minion to face me, tough attacks, but nothing I wasn't prepared for.

And then there he was, standing in his throne, the lord of evil Zoma. The first thing I did was use the Light Orb, because somebody told me this can defeat Zoma. It really just broke his barrier, which changed his color from blue to orange. I prefer the blue version, but he was most likely invincible...anyway, the fight was tough, the toughest I've faced in every Dragon Quest so far. He attacks at least twice per turn, and all his skills hits everybody, taking a good amount of damage...In my third try I found a strategy against him, using the Sage's Stone every turn with Robin, attacking every turn with Helena, healing when needed but mostly attacking with Roto and buffs/debuffs with Freya, sometimes helping with the healing too, and sometimes using her powerful endgame spells.

Once I made this strategy work like a well oiled gear, the fight was a matter of patience. It didn't took long to defeat him after all. After the battle, I had to run from his castle, then I went straight to Rimuldar Castle. I found out the world from above was closed forever, and I gotta live in this world forever. Thanks to my efforts, this world has light again, so it won't be so bad. I think this is where the Zenithian trilogy starts, because DQ1 and DQ2 happens in this world from below, but what happened to the world from above? I hope to find out in DQ4, 5 or 6.

After all the ceremonies, peace and happiness is the law. The hero disappeared, leaving behind his weapons, and closing the arch of the hero Loto. Or Roto.

And that was it! The end. Although there was no "THE END" after the credits, I got it, it's not the end of the story, but it's the end of this game, I want my "THE END" screen. Not happy. But the game was awesome! Not as awesome as I was expecting, but I have to keep in mind this is a remake, and they did the best they could to preserve the classic and improve what was possible.

Great game! I hope no one ever reads this, but I wrote and I'm happy with the result.
Finished my first playthrough, maybe I'll do Lufia next, of Breath of Fire 2, I dunno yet.
"Or not" is always an option, or not. [FORTI R.B.]

User Info: StyrixA

6 months ago#18
Excellent write up! Thanks! :) I almost had a heart attack when it sounded like you turned your half leveled thief back into a merchant for merchant town! You could have just created a new level 1 merchant and dropped him there. And yes, thief gets better, sage/wizard too (fighter too) but what you were experiencing is that you were in level 25 areas with level 18 characters. A little more time and you would have noticed the improvement.

At higher levels thief rocks because the agility increases defense, and some of the best gear is equipped by them. And at higher levels the fighter becomes great because the crit rate is based on its level. I’m bummed you never got to experience that.

But it was fun reading your first play through. My first play through was decades ago on the NES without access to the internet, and I’m delighted you mostly avoided guides. I encourage you to give it another play through, but more intentional about what party you’ll build. It’s the replay-ability that brings this into many people’s favorites list.

thanks again!
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