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User Info: Cold_M3tal

8 years ago#61
Yeah, what's so bad about saying 'Apple Two?' It's better than calling it 'The Fruit System 2.0.'
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User Info: delimew

8 years ago#62
Two Apples > Apple Two

User Info: LusterSoldier

8 years ago#63
What's so bad about saying Apple Two?

Because "Apple Two" is not the actual name of this system. You must refer to this system by the actual name, which is "Apple II".
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User Info: Ace_of_Spades4

8 years ago#64
I suppose if you don't refer to it by that name you'll be eaten by the purge monster.

User Info: Ace_of_Spades4

8 years ago#65

From: -LusterSoldier- | Posted: 12/28/2007 3:07:23 AM | #002
I hate closed topics.

This, so much. The greatest post Luster has ever made.

User Info: Kryshta

8 years ago#66
Great men make great posts.

User Info: Mini_Mii

8 years ago#67
Don't know what I'm doing here, but, I'll post anyway. <_<
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User Info: picklemaster468

8 years ago#68
Neither do I, neither do I...
picklemaster246 | The Officail 500+ Team | Beyond the limit...

User Info: SerenitySays

8 years ago#69
Just leaving something behind here
because shut up -- _GollySandra_

User Info: Groovilicious

8 years ago#70
i like cheese
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