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User Info: _HyperSpace_

11 years ago#1
Can't have that, so I'll make my own topic.
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User Info: LusterSoldier

11 years ago#2
I hate closed topics.
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User Info: Christmas_Magic

11 years ago#3
~Luster Soldier~

User Info: LordHuffnPuff

11 years ago#4
BipSmith? Come back...
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User Info: HANGtheDJ_86

11 years ago#5
AiM F0® Th3 Ç0CkPiT iT§ Hi§ W3Ak P0iÑT

User Info: downtime

11 years ago#6
Any idea why the topic was closed?

User Info: delimew

11 years ago#7
or what the topic was?
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User Info: SuperSonic2002

11 years ago#8
I know someone who once had a topic on a board entitled "Adventure," but it might ot have been this system.
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User Info: Sjalvastefan

11 years ago#9
When I read this I thought it was HyperSilance that wrote this
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User Info: ender003

11 years ago#10
I sometimes close or delete topics if I make a typo.
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