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Therian_Strife 7 years ago#1
Just wondering what this board's opinion on this is. For the record, this is based off usefulness THROUGHOUT THE GAME, not strictly at maxed out stats.

Top Tier:
Robo - Healing is invaluable, and greatly saves on items. Rocket Roll clears screens for a good portion of the game. Physical techs are great bosskillers early on, and outdamage many other characters. Late-game, Crisis arm + 9 health = 5000+ damage Uzzi Punches, melting through Zeal and Lavos.

High Tier:
Crono: Early physicals are great as long as you keep up with weapons. Good survivability all game, able to tank on both fronts. A large amount of dual techs make him a good early bosskiller, and a combination of Confuse and Luminaire works wonders against lategame bosses.

Lucca: Lategame beast with Flare, earlygame Flare Bomb and Fire to keep the damage up. Hypno Wave bests the otherwise annoying Twin Golems. Physicals may be weak, but are made up for by strong magical pressure at all points of the game.

Mid Tier:
Ayla: Good physical attacker with lots of great techs. Triple Kick does the damage lategame, and Dino Tail at low HP murders groups. No MT damage except for Dino Tail hurts, as does the total lack of magical attacks. While Ayla may be the best character at ** level, earlygame she isn't too impressive.

Magus: Very late comer, but comes with loads of MT magic attacks which help clear groups of enemies. His attacks do good damage, and all of his magic is effective against lategame enemies. However, his extremely late joining time and slight inferiority compared to Crono make him not as effective as the top 3, but he's still a good choice.

Low Tier:
Marle: Pitiful physicals at all points in the game, weak damage techs, outclassed as a healer by Robo, Arise is rendered useless by cheap revives. Even earlygame, she is largely unnecessary as Crono can easily crush earlygame solo.

Frog: Outclassed by Crono when he arrives, outclassed by Robo when he returns, no ultimate tech, weak damage on both fronts. Just a bad character.

That's my two cents. What do you guys think?
Calmlander 7 years ago#2
i don't agree with you much, but then again, Chrono Trigger is like FFVII, you can use any character and find a good strategy.

I think Ayla is a powerhouse and Charm is invaluable. Magus is more versatile than Crono, if he joins late it doesn't matter, a few battles in the Black Omen for 100 AP and Dark Matter is available.

Robo is the best healer but only if his magic stat is high, if not, Marle + Robo or Marle + Frog will do. And about Marle, while her attack is low, her double techs are among the best, with Robo or Frog can heal all the characters to the max, and with Lucca you have the Antipodes, best offensive spells imo.
Chrono Eternal 7 years ago#3
I pretty much agree with your list, and it pretty much applies endgame with maxed out stats as well (except Ayla may surpass Lucca).
Calmlander 7 years ago#4
Chrono Eternal posted...
(except Ayla may surpass Lucca).

Put the two together and you'll see. inferno for normal enemies and Blaze Kick for bosses. :)
____bob____ 7 years ago#5
I always have Robo and Ayla in my group. I switch between Lucca-Magus-Chrono depending how I feel.
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gamer24252 7 years ago#6
Heal Beam is only strong when you use a lot of magic tabs. Theres a lot of stuff you didn't take into consideration like Robo's low starting speed.

Robo starts with only speed 6 thats really slow compare to the other characters. You can make it up if you waste tabs on him, but you an also max Crono's speed with just 4 tabs instead.

Crono with max speed takes a lot more turns than Robo. All of his techs are useful through out the entire game. Cyclon,Slash,Spin Cut,Confuse,Life, and Luminaire is the best spell in the game.

Late game multi healing can be done via Mega Elixirs no healing ability comes close to this.

Robo also have really poor magic defense compare to the rest of the cast. He only shines when you get the Crisis Arm and you have to constantly watch over his health to make it worthwhile.

Overall I'd put it in this order #1 Crono, #2 Lucca, #3 Alya the rest is debatable.
Metastase 7 years ago#7
Yes, Robo is only the best after getting dope at least on Speed Tabs. If you're very low lvl, he needs magic tabs too.

Not counting Lv.**, my tier for non-grinding playthrough is:

1- Crono. 1 simple fact: you're stuck with him until non-linear gameplay kicks in. Naturally, more screen time forces him to be useful. Also, part of the best triple-tech in the game.

2-MARLE AND ROBO. Both are part of the best triple tech in the game (if you need it). Marle: combine the Crono factor above and you have Aura Whirl fixing AoE heal issue, Haste fixing the supposedly 2 character turns to AoE heal (and then breaking the game from there on) and Ice Sword 2. Basically, Cro+Marle can defeat anything that doesn't OHKO them.

The reason for Robo is: if you're sticking to Cro+Marle, he fixes their offensive AoE dynamic with awesome techs (benefitting from Haste); fixes random battles via dual techs or even alone with his Laser. Otherwise you STILL need him anyways because using Cro+Ayla loses Aura Whirl, making his AoE heal extremely desirable. Anyway you look at it, Robo fixes group dynamics until you can get rid of Cro.

3-MAGUS. Magus serves a different but equally broken function. MP efficient and quick random battles which is a god send on end game and, most importantly, the ability to win against Lavos even if you're low lvl and Lavos 1 shots you (thx to Safe Helm + his Magic Wall). Yes, Lucca learns Protect but there is no unisex "magic helm" alternative so her buff stacking is bogus (plus she is slow as molasses).

Note: Yes, you can use Life Line with Robo against Lavos but you still need Magus M.Wall or he will be OHKOed, potentially losing his Haste (or Protect if you use Haste Helm) AND you'll be trapped into a Life Line loop unless you Charmed speed tabs for him. Easier to just use Magus + Safe Helm instead.

4-AYLA. Yes, she's theoretically better than Cro.Faster, Stronger + Charm. Except you're stuck with him, at which point her only exclusive merit is Charm. The thing is, Charm isn't that useful until end-game so in effect everytime you're using Charm while stuck with Cro, you're just wasting your time (game is too easy).

Some of you might say "but you can steal some magic tabs early on!" but it doesn't make any difference whatsoever. And those speed tabs you can get later on? Why bother? You would probably fix Robo speed with them anyways, at which point you have Magus and can proceed to finish the game without any grinding.

Before end game, Ayla has bad dynamic with Cro. By the time you get Falcon Strike, you would be way past that Azala if you were using another party combination. There is absolutely nothing Ayla+Cro can do to fix Robo speed so while this party seems like the most solid one for that time at a glance, you'll probably be wasting lots of healing items and/or wasting turns with Kiss, even if you manage to get the secret Dash Ring for Robo. If you could get rid of Cro from the start, she would probably be No.1 though (at Lv.96, she is).

TBH, it's debatable if she's better than Magus. You still need her Charm to actually get more Safe Helms for low lvl Lavos (not to mention Gold Studs). Tough call.

5-LUCCA. Err...you're stuck with her and then...Magus. Yeah. Flare only gets better than Magus when it doesn't matter anymore. Slow.

6-FROG. Yes, faster AoE heal than Robo except you need Robo to fix Cro+Ayla dynamic (remember, their AoE is lacking before Falcon Hit). Otherwise Haste fixes Robo, who provides better offensive AoE too, at which point Frog is rendered a novelty at any point in the game except when you're stuck with him. And ONLY because you're stuck.

Lv** + max tabs tier:

1-Ayla. 2-Robo. Then people. In order, probably Crono, Lucca, Magus, Frog, Marle.
NewbiestOfAll 7 years ago#8
If we are talking about usefullness throughout the game, then I disagree with OP's list. If we're talking maximum potential in battle, then I agree with his/her list.

For usefulness throughout the game, the list should be more like:

Top Tier:

High Tier:

Middle Tier:

Low Tier:

Ayla gets into the top tier simply because she can steal. It's useful during all stages of the game (at least after you get her). She also hits hard and has some of the strongest dual techs (including at least one awesome healing one).

Crono is top because he is good at everything. He also has the only reasonable revive spell in the game.

Robo is a beast for most of the game. Even with his low speed and magic, he's never a burden to have around- he's just not quite as awesome as Ayla and Crono. Until you finish his late game sidequest. Then he's the best character by a lot.

Marle, and Lucca are in the same tier because they are each lacking in something. Marle sucks at physical damage, she's slow, and her healing is all single-target. Her only saving graces are good water damage and Haste. None of those matter in the late game, so she's the worst late game character, IMO, but for a "full game" rating, she has her moments.

Lucca is okay for most of the game thanks to the Taban equipment. But, she's very one-dimensional. All fire damage techs. No healing, not even via dual techs. Poor physical damage until her final weapon.

Frog on the other hand, is stuck in this tier with Lucca and Marle, not because he's dificient in someway, but rather because he isn't excellent at anything. He deals okay physical damage, mediocre magic damage, and has worse healing than Robo. His swords that hit for extra damage against magic enemies is really good in a couple of areas, though.

Magus, I find, is actually a liability to have throughout good chunks of the game. All of his techs are multitarget, which is a pain in some enemy formations. He has no healing, and no dual techs at all. He does have decent physical damage and does hit every element, so maybe it's unfair for me to put him under the other characters.
InfinityZERO 7 years ago#9
Are we all playing the same game here? Life and healing is invaluable? Unless you've got a pretty specific challenge (not the case since this is a playthrough), when are you so in need of help that these spells mean so much?

The basic hit all healing spells are good enough. When are you'll using Life with Crono? He's got so much better stuff to do, like Luminaire or an Elemental Sword 2. Most of these fights are incredibly easy unless you're using an emulator difficulty mod or fighting the special Ocean Palace battle and trying to win 1st time through.

Steal is useful at VERY specific points in the game. Not really useful throughout.
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Calmlander 7 years ago#10
It depends on the way you play, for very offensive players, the best characters will be Chrono, Magus and Ayla, for example.

For more defensive players, using the best three healers (the Grand Dream Team) Frog, Robo and Marle will be the best option. Or even Chrono, Marle and Robo, two great healers and Life Line available.

It really doesn't matter as the game is easy. I will try a harder version in the future to see what team i prefer to use, one offensive or one defensive.
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