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User Info: aum0590

3 months ago#1
I just paid my carpenter in Township to add more houses, and went straight to the Wise Old Tree. I reached Barose and realized that I must not have a house for him to move in to, as he only says "I am Gandaroof's magician" and nothing more.

Does that mean I missed out on Barose moving in? How does the game decide when the Carpenter is finished? Do I need to be back in Township to trigger the new houses being available? Can I just use TimeWarp over and over?

Argh, help!
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User Info: Strontium

3 months ago#2
The new houses will be built once you've entered and exited Township a certain number of times after paying. 8 times, I believe.

If you're still in the tree's memory and haven't beaten the boss there, you can leave from one of the "shops".
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