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2 months ago#21
Guts (Ryu): I agree this is a great 'growing' ability. Early on, it's not terrible at keeping Ryu alive, but from what I remember you need to rebuild Gita after using it to recover from a critical situation.

Shot (Bow): Very fun, but I wish it would work on any enemy (including bosses and end-game enemies with two life bars). I do wish it synergied with his equipment better; Shot! with Twin gives you two chances, with Autobow Shot! also shoots everyone, with Death Shot! also has a separate chance of casting death (alongside Toasty chance).

Wake (Rand): Items are better than the spells even. I wish Wake! was guaranteed considering it brings allies back at 1 HP. For fun, revived allies could have a random status effect (poison, sleep, Atk-up, Def-down etc).. Which brings up the possibility of Waking a sleepy ally (how often do enemies cast sleep?) only to put them back under.

Dare (Katt): Suicide is right. Katt has a high dodge (and Counter), but that's just not going to work. Katt should have an increased evasion and guaranteed Counter (if actually hit) while in Dare! mode.

Will (Nina): Like Ryu's Guts ability, but for AP. And no stat requirement. Given its guaranteed effects (varying depending how low Nina's current AP is), I'd prefer if it were a static low value (like 5% her mAP) and also recover half that amount of the party making her something of a portable Inn.

RIP (Sten): I really never understood this, especially since he has his solo chapter. Thematically it makes sense, but I would nix the defense drop and increase the damage when counter attacking (which is guaranteed if attacked while playing RIP). It would make it super useful in his solo campaign (counter attacking enemies all the time).

Jab (Jean): Like my other suggestions, I wish status ailments were included here.

Ntre (Spar): Even when it works, it's not always impressive. Spore can be blown back at you in dungeons so why can't nature summon vines, healing fruit, etc?

Shed (Bleu): Given the 'secretive' nature of the character, Over Powered seems suitable. I wouldn't mind if they added Sleep + Def-down for the remainder of the battle, essentially forcing players to use this in preparation for the next battle.
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