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User Info: ra82064

3 months ago#1
I don't see myself using Sten or Jean that often who would be better off getting it?
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User Info: Strontium

3 months ago#2
Your best options are Ryu, since then you'll always have access to it, or Nina so she can contribute damage even when out of AP.
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User Info: HegemonKhan

3 months ago#3
Nina is best for ChopChop

(and Boombada too, if you can ever get it, Nina should have both ChopChop and Boombada)
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User Info: KevinReconAlpha

3 months ago#4
Perhaps, but Nina has one of the best specials in the game, and an arguably competitive tactic is to always have her use Will in place of ever attacking anything physically. If you give her Cure 2 from Ray, she basically becomes the queen of sustain.

Boombada is best for her if for no other reason than its prohibitive AP cost. Although thematically I like both Chopchop and Boombada for Sten.
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User Info: Hotaru

3 months ago#5
I've always like Chopchop on Ryu for the superficial reason that it's faster to select it from his spell menu to deal with high defense enemies throughout the game than it is to select an item-magic tool (and the animation is usually faster).

Boombada, due to its high AP cost, I like giving to Bleu (who has more AP and is faster than Nina). Nina's a good second choice if you don't use Bleu. Spar, if faster (possible through cooking), could be a viable choice too.

User Info: Fiop

3 months ago#6
In the past, I prefered Rand, since he has the worst regular attack, not counting Nina (and Jean). Nina's got other spells to fall back on along with Will. Katt's a good choice too, since her fast speed leads to more castings of it.
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