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User Info: FionordeQuester

2 months ago#21
And now the big one... The random encounter rates. Yet another weird decision is made, here...

So for starters, there are four random encounter rates, not three. There's Low, Medium, High, and Very High encounter rates. Very High is even worse than the encounter rate in Infinity... However, it is exclusive to the starting area around HomeTown. What's more, it's only in effect for as long as Ryu is lower than Level 5.

All Overworld zones work on a similar principle. Each has an "Area Level". If Ryu's level matches or exceeds said "Area Level", then you get a Low encounter rate. If Ryu's level is lower, then you get Medium encounter rates. The full list of Area Levels is not known, but Nitrodon could figure it out pretty quickly.

Smokes & HolySF both cut these rates by half, while the Collar doubles them. Moreover, these effects do not stack! Smokes will be overridden by the HolySF and Collar. If those accessories are on the same guy, then the game will go with the one in their 1st Accessory slot... But do you know what the really weird part is?

The HolySF & Collar only work on the PC in front of the marching order

So for a visual example...



Katt is in Slot 3... However, she is in front of everyone else on the map itself, so, the HolySF must be on her. If it's on anyone else, you must shuffle them to the front with R & L.

Perhaps the logic was that repellants should only work on the character in front of everyone else? Regardless, it means the effect can be toggled on & off. It also makes Smokes useless.

And finally, the tables themselves. Note that these are without the HolySF or Smokes modifying them. Also, you never get fights on Steps 1-4, and always get fights on Step 64:

Low encounter rate (frowning monster, mostly on the Overworld):
Steps 5-23: 1/64
Steps 24-31: 2/64
Steps 32-39: 8/64
Steps 40-47: 10/64
Steps 48-55: 24/64
Steps 56-63: 32/64

Medium encounter rate (grinning monster, mostly on the Overworld):
Steps 5-7: 1/64
Steps 8-15: 2/64
Steps 16-23: 4/64
Steps 24-31: 8/64
Steps 32-39: 16/64
Steps 40-47: 24/64
Steps 48-55: 32/64
Steps 56-63: 48/64

High encounter rate (wired monster, mostly in dungeons):
Steps 5-7: 2/64
Steps 8-15: 8/64
Steps 16-23: 16/64
Steps 24-31: 24/64
Steps 32-39: 32/64
Steps 40-47: 48/64
Steps 48-55: 56/64
Steps 56-63: 64/64

Very high encounter rate (wired monster, area around HomeTown, below level 5)
Steps 5-7: 8/64
Steps 8-15: 16/64
Steps 16-23: 24/64
Steps 24-31: 32/64
Steps 32-39: 48/64
Steps 40-47: 56/64
Steps 48-63: 64/64
In simplicity is perfection
(edited 2 months ago)
Alright, big update, and major corrections to what I said before about the timer...

Turns out, it doesn't just tick during the Overworld. It also ticks inside dungeons (with or without monsters)... And a few cutscenes. The game isn't terribly consistent about which cutscenes move it, and which don't, however. The only pattern I've observed is that cutscenes that heavily rely on characters running around seem more likely to be ones that advance it.

But in any case, it won't move inside town, or during most textboxes (apart from those weird exceptions in cutscenes).

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, there are two smaller timers (at $CAA and $CAC) that govern the one at $5010. The one at $CAA starts at 0 frames, goes up to 7200 frames (1/60th of a second), then rolls back to 0. Every time it rolls back, $CAC advances by 1.

$CAC itself goes up to 32 before rolling back over to 0. So you can essentially think of these three timers as a clock. The $CAA hand (0-7199) affects the $CAC hand (0-31), which affects the 5010 (0-7) hand.

Now, here's where it gets interesting! Every time $CAC reaches a multiple of 4, it affects run chances AND character Conditions! What's more, the results are set in stone!

The table for run chances ($5010) is like this...

0: 32
1: 32
2: 96
3: 96
4: 160
5: 224
6: 160
7: 96

These numbers are added to your average party Luck, then adjusted by 1 of 4 multipliers (Note that the result caps at 255):

-20% (17/32 chance)
+10% (7/32 chance)
+30% (5/32 chance)
+50% (3/32 chance)

As for Character conditions, each Character has their own table at $CAC. They are as follows...

0: 96
4: 48
8: 4
12: 48
16: 96
20: 96
24: 160
28: 96

0: 96
4: 96
8: 32
12: 96
16: 96
20: 176
24: 192
28: 176

0: 48
4: 96
8: 160
12: 96
16: 48
20: 32
24: 32
28: 32

0/8/16/24: 160
4/12/20/28: 32

Those numbers are applied individually, to everyone in your Active Party. Add these to their Luck, then adjust them by the same multipliers given for $5010. Note that a character only needs to be at 192 to reach Super.

Speaking of Conditions, I don't know precisely how Counters & Dodges are affected, but Nitrodon has confirmed Criticals. They are as follows...

Ill/Poor/OK: 8/64
Good: 16/64
Super: 24/64

These are also modified by Formation, just like Damage taken & received. Also, I'm fairly certain Counters are affected the same way as Criticals... But Nitrodon hasn't confirmed that yet.
In simplicity is perfection
(edited 1 month ago)
A funny consequence of this system is that Ryu & Bow will just about always jump to Super, if you stand on the Overworld for 64 minutes (so $CAC reaches 20). You could theoretically cheese parts of the early-game this way by waiting an hour, and resetting till you get Super. Then, make copies of this file throughout all three save files, and play as normal.

Assuming relatively fast play, you'll keep Super all the way till you recruit Katt. $CAC will be close to 24, so you could save, go outside with Ryu & Katt, and get 'em Super as well, for Augus.

Also, since Rand & Sten have such wild swings, you could theoretically swap them out any time you fear a Condition change is coming.
In simplicity is perfection
(edited 1 month ago)
Another Update: We just hacked Counters & Dodges today. As I thought, Counters hike drastically in Super, and even Dodges enjoy a nice buff. Here's the tables...

Ctr.Attack Rate:
Ill: 0
Poor: 1/16
OK: 2/16
Good: 4/16
Super: 8/16

Dodge Rate:
Ill: 0
Poor: 2/32
OK: 3/32
Good: 4/32
Super: 6/32

In addition, Dare gives Katt an additional 25% chance of Ctr.Attacking. Still doesn't make Dare useful, but... It's something.

In simplicity is perfection

User Info: Kahran042

1 month ago#25
Wow, this is a lot to unpack. I'm not sure of how to add it to the annotations sheet, but it's still extremely interesting, at least to people like me.
I never knew loneliness...until I discovered friendship.
It was a lot for me, too. I wasn't expecting me and Nitro to find so many weird things!

At the very least, though, you may want to correct the clock info that I already gave before. There's some stuff there (like saying the clock only ticks on the Overworld), that I regret now, lol.
In simplicity is perfection
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: 3vrB257A5gq3fg

1 month ago#27
Counterattacks have a really low critical hit rate, though. It feels like 1/32 or something. I get counters all the time, but rarely do they hit critical.

My guides (193 files for 59 games):

User Info: Kahran042

1 month ago#28
Just added the Shot and Wake info.
I never knew loneliness...until I discovered friendship.

User Info: Kahran042

1 month ago#29
And just added the new info on the invisible clock.
I never knew loneliness...until I discovered friendship.

User Info: 3vrB257A5gq3fg

1 month ago#30
I tried getting the area levels on my most recent playthrough. I got most of them.

Lv5 | K7, K8
Lv8 | L7, L8 (HomeTown)
Lv10 | M7, M5, M4, L4 (Coursair)
Lv12 | M6, L6 (Mt. Rocko)
Lv? | K3
Lv18 | L3, K4, J4 (East Windia)
Lv22 | I3, H3, H4, G3, G4, F2, F3, F4, (Windia, Coursair,
\_ E3, E4, D3, D4, C3, C4 (Sima)
Lv? | G9, G10, H9 (Guntz)
Lv? | I10, J10
Lv25 | D5, D6, E5, E6 (South Sima)
Lv35 | M3, K10, L9, L10, M10, M11, N10, N11 (Highland)
Lv38 | D7, C7 (Sea of Trees)
Lv40?| C8, C9, D8, D9, D10, D11, E9, E10, F10 (FarmTown)
Lv50 | J3
Lv99 | All the rest

I'm pretty much done with the encounter list as well. You can find it at the end here:

On a related note, the encounter rate in the exterior of Mt. Fubi goes down to 0 once Ryu hits Lv7.
My guides (193 files for 59 games):
(edited 1 month ago)
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