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User Info: beavinator1

7 years ago#1
The original topic was archived so I had to create a new one.

** SPOILER ALERT ** for anyone who hasn't beaten the game in Normal or Hard mode.

Here's my take on some of your questions.

>How does the master's statue appear on top of some random hill at the end of the game?
>Is the statue the master?

In the instruction manual for ActRaiser 1, the story states "The world was completely ruined. Stone statues the people had made in honor of their Master became the only remaining evidence of a once strong and thriving society." It is then intimated that these are the statues the Master embodies when he descends into each land to battle the demons. After conquering each area, the Master's spirit can be seen leaving the statue. He then goes on to embody a different one in the next area.

>What is the hill/place that the master appears on at the end of the game?
>The statue erodes, but it does not completely collapse...I wonder what is the >significance of this?

After the credits finish, the scene that appears resembles (in my opinion) the promontory on which the Master stands after defeating Tanzra in Death Heim in ActRaiser 1. Only this time, we see the passage of years during which Death Heim grows lush and green and full of life again. I believe we are simply looking at the statue he left in Death Heim after defeating Tanzra this time. The erosion of the statue marks nothing more than this passage of time.

>It says the master disappears...which I do not understand what it means.
>Is the master still alive? The game says the master "will live forever". But is that in an
>actual sense, or metaphorical? Will he only live forever in the hearts and the minds of
>the people as a legendry? Or is he actually alive and is observing the people still, but
>he will never need to interfere or help the people ever again?

Since the Master is essentially "God", I do not believe it would be possible for him to "die". Much like at the end of ActRaiser 1, he simply leaves the world once the evil has been defeated, as he is no longer needed. He "lives on" in the hearts and minds of the people who remember him. This is indicated in the epilogue, as the people continue to look skyward and pray to him, even though he is no longer there. I like to think that he has gone on to another world where he is needed. Perhaps he is the same "Master" who sends the Hero to defeat Deathtoll and free the souls of all the living creatures of the Friel Empire in Soul Blazer. :-)
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