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User Info: HippopotamusRex

9 years ago#1
I've deciphered most of the towns in the game as they relate to the virtue that has been corrupted by Tanzra. There's a few names that are still sort of mysterious or odd, and I'm wondering if anyone can come up with an answer as to how these names relate to the sins/virtues for that area.

Sloth Area
Industen - Industry
Benefic - ????

Envy Area
Devote - Devotion
Altheria - ????

Gluttony Area
Modero - Moderation
Gluttony's Cave - Gluttony

Wrath Area
Justania - Justice
Favorian - Favor
Temponia - Temperance
Almetha - ????

Lust Area
Lovaos - Love

Greed Area
Leon - ????
Gratis - Generosity
Stormrook - ????

Pride Area
Humbleton - Humbleness

User Info: devilmaycare47

9 years ago#2
ooooohhhhh blew my mind
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