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User Info: scottdk4

9 years ago#1
So maybe I'm a masochist, but I actually somewhat enjoyed this game. I'm thinking of giving the original Elnard a shot now.

My question is, how much different is it? Is it that much easier? I rolled through The 7th Saga in 36 hours. Am I looking at 25 hours for Elnard?


User Info: Kirkq

9 years ago#2
The average stat on the average character is 4.
If you get 5 stats on a level, that is essentially 1.25 levels (only for the main character).

You gain one more stat per level from levels 10-19 (Levels count for 1.25)
You gain two more stats per level from 20-29 (Levels count for 1.5)
You gain three more stats per level from 30-39 (Levels count for 1.75)
You gain four more stats per level from 40-49 (Levels count for 2)

At level 39 in Elnard, your main character will be about as strong as a level 54 in 7th Saga.
At level 29 in Elnard, your main character will be about as strong as a level 36 in 7th Saga.

Remember, this only affects your main character, but essentially what this suggests is that you can beat the game roughly 8-10 levels lower in Elnard than in 7th Saga, depending what you consider the necessary level at the end. Valsu gets Elixir at 42 I think, I'd say about 39 or 40 is a good reference in 7th Saga, which is about 31 in Elnard. (though your spells still come at the same levels.)

Level 40 is 310217 experience, level 31 is 170363 experience. The difference is about 140000

S Brains are 1762 experience, if you fight with a partner each character gets 881 experience. You encounter S Brains 1/4 fights by Luze. This implies that it will take about 159 completed S Brain battles, or 636 engaged battles minus whatever else you kill. I would say it takes about 500 fights to make up that experience. If you are killing quickly, it takes about 30 seconds per battle. This is about 4 hours of fighting things saved. On top of that, your character is getting progressively stronger after level 10, so earlier leveling will be a bit faster as well.

I would say final completion time is about 5-6 hours faster. Thorough enough? =p
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User Info: kharan_zechts

9 years ago#3
You've been doing this TAS for far too long :)

User Info: JBugaboo

9 years ago#4


So what you're saying is, it doesn't make Elnard any easier; it just makes it quicker! :P

User Info: SeijinMisako

9 years ago#5
The problem is that Elnard is not fun *because* it's too easy. And to be honest, easy-type "The 7th Saga" just isn't the same. Just my opinion though.
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User Info: kharan_zechts

9 years ago#6
There might be some satisfaction in getting revenge on all those monsters that used to rape you so much when you first entered the areas they inhabit.

User Info: crazyisgood

9 years ago#7
you are right
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User Info: goggles7

9 years ago#8
Where can I find the Elnard version?

User Info: kharan_zechts

9 years ago#9
The same way you find everything else on the internet.

User Info: seocwen

9 years ago#10
I got sick of the level grinding in 7th Saga pretty quick so I played it with the Elnard patch... Still not a very rewarding game. I was pretty annoyed that I'd picked Valsu because I didn't get him near a level high enough to use Elixer... I had the fast forward button tapes down more than half of the time.
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