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  3. Does anyone know about this glitch?

User Info: Zorn77k

12 years ago#1
In the second quest, in level 4, when you're fighting the boss, blow the wistle. Leave the room, come back, and he's defeated!
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User Info: basser2204

12 years ago#2
Interesting. Never tried it, but I might. I wonder if this works on all Digdoggers? They're an easy enough boss that I would just fight anyway.
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User Info: kirbymuncher

12 years ago#3
Very cool, will use next playthrough.
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User Info: ss4cypher_666

12 years ago#4
there is also a trick with that same boss where if you place a bomb and just before its about to explode play the whistle and the screen will stay grey ^_^

User Info: HyperSiIence

12 years ago#5
I usually set a bomb down, then quickly switch to the Recorder and play it. Right as the boss breaks up, the bomb explodes.
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User Info: MI4 REAL

12 years ago#6
LOL after 20 years of playing this I still learn stuff!

I already knew about the grey screen. And never though about using Bombs on Digdogger like that. But I do use the Boomerang to stun all 3 Minidoggers at once, then attack.

I believe one time long ago, I used a potion at the same time I collected a Triforce shard and the game froze.
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User Info: ss4cypher_666

12 years ago#7

User Info: ImOldSkool

12 years ago#8
I remember finding this out in a Nintendo Power or Gamepro magazine or something of the sort back in the day.

User Info: DoomSwell

12 years ago#9
Doesnt one of the old men say "Digdongo hates certain kinds of sound" ?
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User Info: Vegetaman

12 years ago#10
^ Digdogger, I think.
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  3. Does anyone know about this glitch?
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