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User Info: ActionIV

4 weeks ago#201
[I actually lamented not using SpeedUp to begin with instead of trying an almost guaranteed-to-be-resisted status spell. I'll consider it here; I was thinking Herbs might be the best option (or Eau de Ultraslime!), but chances are Torvald is the one person here that is out of herbs.]

User Info: Scrappymatt10

4 weeks ago#202
[tidus, you should probably heal pre battle so yuna has enough for one speedup]

User Info: PikachuTwoKing

4 weeks ago#203
Prebattle: Yuna does not heal Tidus, Tidus heals himself
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User Info: gameenjoyer

4 weeks ago#204
Kyle attacks again.
Rikka attacks Metal SlimeA! Lost 11 HP. Defeated!
-And to think I didn't believe my own dmg spreadsheet when I punched in the stats and asked for max dmg. (Rikka can actualy hit higher than that without a crit).

-Now for the maze. To get through with the rules shown we need to proceed as follows:
From Start go N 3
Then go E and proceed through the whole loop.
Then go S 1
Then go W and proceed through that loop
Then go N 1
Then go E and proceed through the 3rd loop
Then go S 1
Then go W and proceed through the last loop
Then go N 3 to the end

That said I seriously doubt that it will be that easy.
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User Info: Primus_Ultimas

4 weeks ago#206
Even I figured it out and im terrible with mappping
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User Info: Mirrorclaw

4 weeks ago#207
Pre-battle Blue casts Heal on himself and Michael. Blue shakes his head sadly at the Drollmagi. He casts Boom twice and orders Micheal to Attack the Zomslime and Teen Wolf to cast StopSpell on the Vampire group in Round 1 and Michael to Attack the Shadow and Teen Wolf to attack Shadow in Round 2. If every enemy but the Shadow is dead physically attack it with Blue and his Monsters. If not split up attacks between Blue and his Monsters. If Blue is down to 50% HP or less use a Medical Herb.

User Info: goatfishman

4 weeks ago#208
*Miracle Slash again while hopping up and down to get the attention of the Attack Golem
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User Info: cyric32

4 weeks ago#209
rest at inn
keep fangslime if roster not full and name fang
buy and euip sacred robe. Sell chain mail
send letter to blue through the slime messenger agreeing to meet him in breconnary. At kol now but headed back that way
hire artho and head to brecconary

User Info: DarthCansupes

4 weeks ago#210
Getting that first Orochi attempt to work was the lucky fluke, but that's okay, at least it happened. Isidor attacks the Attack Golem!
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