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User Info: CraddaPoosta

11 years ago#1
I managed to get Erdrick's Armor at level 10, by resetting every single time I couldn't get the Axe Knight to fall asleep while I whittled away at him with my Broadsword.

Then I was able to get Erdrick's Token at level 11 (I could have run away from some of those fights, but didn't feel like it), and am now headed to get the Staff of Rain. Already got the Silver Harp and the Stones of Sunlight, and rescued Gwaelin.

What is the absolute lowest level you've been at when you've gotten all of the items in the game besides the ones in Charlock Castle?
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User Info: CraddaPoosta

11 years ago#2
Update; sorry for the double post. I managed to get Erdrick's Sword at level 12.

The only thing left is the Silver Shield, but I will have to take on a few more levels to get that; I still need about 10,000 gold to be able to afford it.

This is definitely THE lowest level I have ever been, after playing this game for about twenty years, to have gotten all possible items, besides the cursed ones.
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User Info: Black_Crusher

11 years ago#3
Without resetting, I don't know but not nearly that low. Less than 20 maybe but not much less.
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User Info: Blair

11 years ago#4
I've had everything except for the Silver Shield at level 9 one time. It makes for a very boring game when there's nothing left to do except level and level some more... heh. If an emulator were used I'm sure that level could easily be as low as 7. Going any lower would mean killing the Green Dragon without Sleep which I don't think can be done. I haven't played this game in forever so don't quote me on that.
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User Info: ShinerCCC

11 years ago#5
Ever seen the TAS? He gets Erdrick's Token at level 1 because it only takes 7 steps.

I agree, Green Dragon would be unbeatable without Sleep, unless you get two Excellent moves maybe.

But I guess this topic is to make non-TAS conjecture...

Because of the infinite gold glitch, you can get the Silver Shield as soon as you can beat Golem, which could probably be done at level 8 or 9. He can stay asleep forever, but if he wakes up you'll want to survive the massive hit. It's pretty hard to get lucky enough to do that though.

In the speedrun route I'll be using, I get a key, then the Broad Sword, Full Plate and Large Shield all at level 3. lol.

Garin's Tomb could be tackled at level 7 as long as you run away from all the B3/B4 enemies. Put enemies to sleep before running away to secure your escape. I don't think Wraith Knights are vulnerable to it though.

Axe Knight beaten at level 9?! That would take some insane luck. I thought I'd go insane trying to do it at level 11 for this segmented speedrun, usually it takes two excellent moves...
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User Info: Sera67

11 years ago#6
I can't remember lowest level i got items...

I remember long ago beating DQ after earning healmore, lol. >_<

I had no Mp left, 16 hp and got lucky with a critical hit FTW!

I've manage to run like a chicken to get keys and die inside Garin Tomb for money trick. below 10,
I've only ever played on Nes(+remake on gameboy), don't have a easy reset..>_<
But 10-14 or 15 for all Gear.

Itlest to Memory...
Its been ages LOL
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User Info: monkeybrainz2s

11 years ago#7
okay, I got Edricks Armor and sived the princess from the dragon in Level 12. and I got Edricks sword in level 13.

how did I get the armor? well first I went to the mountain cave and kept opening that chest till I had enough money to buy the magic armor (selling the cursed necklace helps with that if you get lucky and find it)

and then I bought 6 herbs. then I went to get my edricks armor. I ran from every single badguy I cam across. and healed with Magic before I fought the armour guy for the armor. I cast stop spell. and this made it so he'd constantly cast sleep spell on me and have it fail. and i'd use herbs if he attacked me becuase herbs heal you WaY more than heal. and I won the battle becuase he kept on casting sleep on me and I took chances.

and then after I got the armor, i went to fight the dragon to save the princess. and I stocked up on herbs again, and I just kept on attacking and lucked out that he breathed fire a couple times (it's the dragons weakest attack) and used herbs.

people I am ANGRY that you say something is impossible to do without cheating just because you can't think of how to do it. I'm not cheating, i'm not pressing reset and I'm playing it on the actual NES not an emulator.

my record low level for beating the game was level 18, but I'm trying to do it at level 15 this time. I feel it might be impossible,

I tried fighting the boss in level 13 and made it to the second stage. but he MURDERED me when he became the dragon.

how do you survive the battles with all the baddies in such a low level you might ask? you don't fight them!! you just run away. and if they can cast sleep on you. cast stopspell before you run. because sometimes a run fails. but I've noticed on Dragon warrior run works 9 times out of 10. it's not like dragon warrior 3, where run almost never works.

User Info: monkeybrainz2s

11 years ago#8
sorry about the angry comment, I was thinking of another forum, but anyway, I never in my life have used the sleep spell on the dragon (I never in my life have used found a use for the sleep spell, after you attack them they wake up, so what's the point). does the dragon stay asleep? if so I might have a new strategy for the dragon :D

User Info: metroid888

11 years ago#9
If a monster can be put to sleep it is just random chance whether or not the spell hits, and whether the monster wakes up or not. You could hit the green dragon 50 times while he's asleep and he wouldn't wake up, or the spell might not even work at all. It's just a chance.
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