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User Info: MeteorStrike

9 years ago#1
I decided to put this in a new topic to make it easier to find.

For those who do not know, I recently compiled a FAQ on the Item Disappearing Bug and how to exploit the bug to get more than one item of the items found in treasure chests or on the ground. The FAQ can be found elsewhere on the net. I'd rather not post the link here because I don't want this whole topic deleted for a lame accusation of spam.

Recently, I played the game from beginning to end, while doing the exploit for proof of concept. In this topic, I briefly describe my playthrough while attempting to perform the exploit as many times as I could.

If you don't know about the bug and don't read my FAQ, this topic will probably not make much sense, OR, this topic might encourage you to read it and do the exploit yourself. :)

User Info: MeteorStrike

9 years ago#2
My main objectives in the playthrough were to achieve the following:

1 - Do the Max MTP run to ensure an ultimate game.
2 - Perform the exploit as many times as I can, so I can exploit all the items needed.

This playthrough serves as proof of concept that the exploit can be done in order to get all the items wanted, while at the same time ensuring an optimal MTP amount.

Note that in my retelling of the playthrough, I might forget some minor details here and there. I spent the last 2 - 3 days playing the game so I won't remember every single little detail.

- I started the game and waited until I reached Level 12 before leaving the Chapter 1 area. This is apparently needed in order to learn Fu Bing on Level 12 with Liu Bei. The earliest next General that can learn this tactic is Xu Zhe in Chapter 4. Using Game Genie codes to fight only the minimum possible battles needed to get to him, while winning all battles immediately, the lowest amount of Exp that will be earned will be 2634 by the time Xu Zhe is accessible, which puts the player on Level 12. So to get Max MTP, I had to wait until I reached Level 12 before leaving Chapter 1.

- As soon as I reached Level 12, I left Chapter 1. I had already killed all the bosses and was ready to leave. I immediately left and ran away from every single enemy I could. I completed Chapter 2 and was already in the Chapter 3 area while still on Level 12.

- Note that for the entire playthrough, I ran away from every single random battle until AFTER I reached Level 31 and no longer needed to do the exploit. I did this to ensure the lowest possible level when I reached Nu Long. I only fought random enemies when trying to level-up and execute the exploit.

- Being that I was already in Chapter 3 with access to Yuan Yin, I started to exploit Chi Tu Ma right away. I exploited Chi Tu Ma on every level I could.

- As soon as I started Chapter 4, I immediately went to find Pang Tong. I managed to get to Pang Tong by Level 17, so I was able to learn a tactic on Level 18. This was one of the hardest parts of the game. Trying to reach Pang Tong as quickly as possible was tough. I could have probably reached him earlier than Level 17, but any castle battle that would grant me a level-up would have prevented me from exploiting more Chi Tu Ma, so I had to exploit Chi Tu Ma and THEN fight those battles, so that I could do the exploit as much as possible. This worked out pretty well since I got to Pang Tong by Level 17 anyways.

- By the time I could exploit Trident, I no longer needed it, since it required fighting a random battle with a General from Chapter 4, which I skipped to reach Pang Tong. LOL! In any case, when I was done exploiting 6 Chi Tu Mas (for a total of 7) I started exploiting Trident until I had 5 in total, simply for proof of concept that all items can be exploited as many times as the player would want.

- While exploiting Trident, the memory for the Sword in Ling Ling is also exploitable by exploiting Trident. Since I had cleared Chapter 5 by the time I started Chapter 4 and started to exploit Trident, I was able to exploit both a Trident AND a Sword with each level that I exploited Trident. By the time I started Chapter 6, I had a Sword for everyone, and ironically, even though the Trident was the item I wanted to exploit, the Sword was the better weapon I was simultaneously exploiting by that time! LOL!

User Info: MeteorStrike

9 years ago#3
By the time I was half-way through Chapter 6, I no longer had anything else to exploit. I had 7 Chi Tu Mas, 5 Tridents I still kept on hand for proof of concept, and even a Sword for everyone. The Scimitars and Battleaxes from Luo, Cheng Du, and Jian An were unfortunately not exploitable. To exploit those, I would need to fight (or have in the party) either Yuan Shao and Yuan Shang, OR Zhang Song, OR Le Xin. Yuan Shao and Yuan Shang were no longer available, Zhang Song is nowhere to be found, and Le Xin is found by the end of the game, so those items could not be exploited. I was able to exploit an additional Battleax from Mian Zhu Guan, however. I only exploited one of those, because by the time I could exploit another one on the next level, I no longer needed it.

When I was ready to exploit Nu Long, I performed the exploit with Huang Zhong and Fa Zheng at the same time. This allowed me to exploit the Nu Long and Steel H from the cave, the Splint M from Wu, the Scimitar from Hui Ji and another Sword that I could sell for money from Ling Ling, all items exploited on EACH level! By the time I reached Jin Du, I had a Nu Long, Steel H, and Splint M for every single one of the 5 Generals that fight in battle. This is almost the best equipment in the game for everyone, and all for free! :)

Shortly thereafter, I reached Level 31 and exploited these 5 items one last time, and that was the end of it.

I performed the exploit a total of 16 times. I got 6 more Chi Tu Ma, 4 more Trident, and 5 more Nu Long, Steel H, and Splint M from the exploits. The other time I did the exploit was when I exploited the extra Battleax when starting Chapter 7. I got me a total of 6 Nu Longs, Steel H, and Splint M all for free from the exploit, along with a total of 7 Chi Tu Mas, and a total of 5 Tridents, as well as a total of 5 Swords, and other items I exploited for cash (including even more Swords while exploiting Nu Long.) All this was done while at the same time getting a total MTP of 160. The proof of concept is official - the exploit can be done more times than the player will ever need to do it to collect all items wanted or needed, while at the same time finishing up with 160 MTP.

The only hard parts were getting to Pang Tong before Level 18, and getting to Nu Long as quickly as possible. Getting to Pang Tong as early as possible is a goal to achieve Max MTP, so the difficulty there certainly cannot be blamed on the exploit. Getting to Nu Long with as low a level as possible, on the other hand, is completely a goal needed for the Nu Long exploit.

I reached Nu Long when I was on Level 26. This allowed me to exploit it 5 times for a total of 6 Nu Longs. Obviously, players can choose to get to it with a higher level if they want, and get less Nu Longs. A total of 6 Nu Longs is overdoing it anyways. I did it like this simply to see what's the potential of the exploit. The theoretical lowest possible level that the player will have when reaching Nu Long will be 24, so reaching it at Level 26, I think, is pretty good.

Also, I would just like to point out that I only bought equipment once during my whole run. I had the 2 Robes from the beginning until I arrived at the Chapter 3 cave and got some more Robes and Caps. I only bought Hoods and Padded Armors to be able to get to Pang Tong by Level 17. I didn't buy anything else.

I exploited the Splint M and Steel H in Chapter 7, and I kept that equipment for most of the game thereafter. Eventually, I got 2 Plate M from the final 2 caves, and used those to replace 2 of the 5 Splint M I had. I finished the game with all that free equipment. I never bought any weapons and relied on all weapons found and exploited, so I only bought armor once in the whole playthrough. I fought both of the last 2 battles one after the other without loosing, on Level 43, using all my free equipment, including 4 Nu Longs and 1 Halberd, a Chi Tu Ma for everyone, and 4 Power Pills for each General as well.

User Info: MeteorStrike

9 years ago#4
One last point I'd like to make: I used some save-states for the playthrough, but it was done to save time, not to do something that would be otherwise impossible. For example, to exploit my first Chi Tu Ma, I had to fight Yuan Yin in a random battle with Rebel Forces, AND gain a level when getting 5 more MTP. This could be done without save-states, but it could take a while and a lot of resetting... so I used save-states for things like this so I could get the playthrough done ASAP. The playthrough I did is completely doable without them, but would take longer also...
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