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User Info: Alpha_Cush

1 year ago#1
Hello there all,

Although I've never posted on a board for the shining series, I am a veteran of the games. I recently decided to play through SF2 again, every couple years I play those I have access to. Have used multiple different force make-ups this time however I'm having difficulty deciding on ONE member.

Things to note!!

Force members were leveled to 28 before promotion, playing on Super. I have no love for the following - Jaro, Taya, Gyan, Higins, Chaz, Frayja, Peter, skreech, Janet. I have read some posts here from the past so let me just say this before I am flammed for those listed above: My dislike of these characters is not a declaration of their ability or lack thereof. I just personally dislike them. If you like these characters that is fine I will not argue opinion, it is a waste of time.

With all that out of the way, I'm trying to decide on my last force member. My current is as follows

Bowie -
Sarah - mmnk
Eric - pldn
Jaha - brn
Kazin - sorc
Tyrin - wiz
Rick - pgnt
Randolf - gldt
Karma - vicr

Here is my hang up, not using peter, luke, kiwi, skreech I lose the ability to intercept and tie up outliers. I kind of like the force I have but I feel if I could drop anyone and not lose a given role/attack/weapon type it would be - kazin, tyrin, Randolf, jaha, or may. All could be replaced by someone that would fit their role or close enough that it is negligible. Let the discussion commence.
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User Info: looked

1 year ago#2
Based on your stipulations, I would probably drop Jaha and put in Luke. For Super I would prefer the extra defense of the gladiator class, but it’s preference, and can go either way. Kiwi would be a great choice if using level 40 promotions, but at 28, his HP is probably pretty low.

I probably wouldn’t remove Tyrin, Kazin, or May, That really hurts your ability to use range. If you do change out one of them, just make sure it’s not Tyrin.
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  3. Help me decide - wall of text ahead
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