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User Info: The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy
4 weeks ago#11
Like the graphics all you want, but they would have been subpar on psx, let alone on ps2. and the graphics are the least of the half assed subpar nature. granted, not helped buy a fan translation worse done than the ff2/4 original snes translation... but I'm not dinging it for that, i mean, why polish a turd anyway, you could have given it the best translation ever and it would still be a quick and awful remake...
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User Info: KarsUltimate

1 week ago#12
PSII has some really neat concepts I found, which PSIV either eschewed (in favour of being more in line with other RPG franchises) or hugely downplayed. The former is mainly about status effects. Paralysis in that game is kind of like sleep, sleep is permanent for that battle, and poison keeps you from restoring HP (the poison mechanic played into the next one, but unsure about other statuses). And the former is the bio/mecha techs, which were pretty unique even if the bio ones were pretty crappy mostly. Hahn's techs usually work, but in the vanilla game there is very little point; all that remains of the mecha is Brose on Gryz and at least the stun one was reworked into Hijammer on Wren. Those were aspects about II I liked but did not really like in IV.

PSI is pretty difficult in the beginning too because you're just one character, who can't do much more than slay sworms. Anything else is likely to kill you... (Thank heaven for Suelo <3) The biggest thing to look out for are the traps in dungeons. And now the second again... Unless you really enjoy the difficulty, use some maps, especially starting around the point of Uzo Island. (It does get easier later on too, once you get some Gires items which basically makes you immortal. Just a couple of turns and you're good to go as long as you like.)

About cloning... Well you die in the first one too, just like the first FF, so it doesn't make it so bad. It's still the person's same soul and memories, so it's little different than revival church. And if it bothers you later on you can use Rever or a Moon Dew. That was actually another thing I found kind of cool, instead of just healing in an inn (which were absent in the first two games!). Imagine actually implying to be dead in a game nowadays!
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