Best techs/skills?

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User Info: danzibr

5 months ago#1
Glad to see this board is still alive(ish)! One of my favorite childhood games.

I've been reading the guides here a bit, learning things I never knew, stats and resistances and whatnot. I got to wondering... anyone compile a list of the most useful techs and skills in various scenarios?

Like, highest success rate of certain techs and skills against certain enemies?

In the past I just played Rambo style. Ignored status effects, just beefed myself up and got to attacking. Nothing fancy. And I've played this game through several times, just every time I played it the same.

If not... maybe I'll make my first guide!

User Info: FreshFeeling

5 months ago#2
As much as a strategic game is fun, the stuns and debuffs aren’t generally super useful given their low-to-moderate success rates and the fact that most enemies can be 1- or 2-shotted.

Some stuns are okay: Hijammer against mechanical enemy groups and Bindwa against biological enemy groups. Very unlikely useful against singles.

Death attacks are a different story. There are a ton of them and they can all be useful against the right targets:
-Spark against mechanicals
-Death and Eliminat against low-agility biological enemies
-Vol / Savol / Diem / Dthspell against biological enemies
-Crash and Negatis against pretty much anything!
-Brose before hoes

Crash and Negatis are standout death abilities; high success rates and they work on very nearly anything besides bosses.
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User Info: men_dvz

5 months ago#3
Foi vs flatterplants.

Seals vs techusers-darkmarauders (the latter will keep trying to buff and not use his physical attack)

Crash vs Igglanova 2 - Eliminat-Diem vs the chaossorcr found in the spaceship.

A lot of combos... only bosses and prophallus are immune vs instant death combos. Circuit breaker and grand cross are my favs. And lethal img the little time I have it.

Savol: is pretty good, but drains a lot of tp. The problem is Hahn tends to be the fourth in order, if you have killed some mobs it could be a waste of tp using it, that's why I use vol.
(At this point Hahn has a lot of tp, but I don't like to waste any of it)

If you use two shield Raja, you can make him use rimit for the offensive when he is not healing. Or Holyword vs evil enemies.

User Info: danzibr

5 months ago#4
Thanks for the responses, folks!

Sounds like a guide specifically for this is unnecessary. I'll still have a close gander at it over the next few days though.

User Info: Raph136

5 months ago#5
Thanks for the info as well. I was actually just wondering what the best techs/skills are when I found this topic.

Never played this game when I was younger, but I’m near the end of the game and I think it holds up well, though it has its flaws. The guides on GameFAQs are really helpful.
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User Info: Zzonkmiles

5 months ago#6
Holyword works on the second form of the final boss.
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User Info: FreshFeeling

5 months ago#7
men_dvz posted...
A lot of combos... only bosses and prophallus are immune vs instant death combos.

This isn’t true, they work the same way as all techs/skills where it’s highly dependent on a “type” or elemental factor. So Circuitbrk affects mechanical enemies, Purfylight on affects evil biological enemies, Lethal Img only affects biological enemies, etc. Black Hole is a special one of the same type as Negatis and Crash so chances are nobody has ever seen it fail except against bosses. The immunities work the same way as other techs.

I think men_dvz’s point wasnt actually about “nothing is immune” so much as “combos have very high success rates”, which is true.
The feral chocobo calls with a boisterous "wark," not the domestic breed's mild "kweh."

User Info: Blast-Beat-Pete

5 months ago#8
Brose is also really good against mechanical enemies.

Also having a clever Macro set up for combo-attacks success helps a lot too.
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