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User Info: looked

1 year ago#42
Chapter 6

Welcome back Protectors to the ice planet Dezolis. Last time we left off in the Town of Zosa. This time will be exploring the Climate control Center, then travelling to Reschel and Meese on our way to the Esper Mansion Then we will visit Jut, and the weapons plant, before heading to Gumbious Temple, which will be our final destination for this chapter.

User Info: looked

1 year ago#43
Blizzard Conditions here in the north east, what better way to spend the day than exploring a blizzard planet

Chapter 6 Thoughts

-I ended up doing a bit of Sandworm leveling in between chapters, and I gained a few levels for everyone.

-When Rune Hits level 29 he gains Efess, and get access to the best combo attack in the game, Grand Cross(Chaz Crosscut+Rune Efess)! I was so excited to try it, I created a macro, and tried on it out on enemies and the area, aaaannd. 1 damage.The enemies in the area seem to be immune.

Climate Control Center

I actually found this area by accident, and I got forced into the Gy-Languiah fight. I took damage the first few rounds trying to run away, then I just went all out with spells instead. I figured I could just run back to town since it's literally in the entrance.

Back in Zosa I decided to get a second Thunder Claw so Raja could use it instead of the tornado dagger against the machine enemies of this dungeon. It turned out to be a really good idea, as he was far and doing the most damage. I unequipped the one that Rika was using and had Rune do the same. There are a few more dungeons like this in the game, so I am going to hold on to them, and possibly even purchase more when I can.

D-Elm-Lars was a total joke of a boss fight. He went down in 2 rounds using only 2 Grand Cross Attacks.

Raja Falling ill raised a bunch of questions for me. Reschel was a Parmanian town, so all of the zombies there were Parmanians. So why is the Raja the only Dezolisian affected, and why is he the only party member affected?

What is up with the random espers with portraits? I thought portraits were reserved for playable characters, or at least important characters.

Chaz expresses surprise that Lutz can be alive after 2000 years, even though he already met Myau, who fought along side him

Ok, so if Rune is Lutz How did he get he travel back and forth between planets before he met the party?

The Weapons plant is technically optional, Wren says as much when you enter, but its worth it because it has upgrades for all of his equipment, a new skill, that can be use to make combo attack, shooting star, and best of all, this dungeon contains unlimited repair kits!

User Info: looked

1 year ago#44
Chapter 7

In this chapter we are going to take on the the 2 longest, and most annoying dungeons in the game. First the Air Castle, and then Garuberk Tower. If you are still look for more after you are done with them, Side Quest 5-8 open up at the hunters guild in Aiedo. I would strongly reccomend doing at the least the final one, so you can get all of Wrens best stuff. The enemies in Vahal Fort are some of the strongest in the entire game. If you are worried that this chapter sounds too short, fear not. It's probably the longest so far.

User Info: looked

1 year ago#45
Chapter 7 thoughts

Air Castle

More Nostalgia. The Air Castle somehow survived Parma destruction, and it comes with a remixed dungeon theme from Phantasy Star 1.

The Deminsworm enemies make this area a bit of pain. They can only be hurt from Dark attacks, everything else only does 1 damage. so only Rika with the Silver Tusk can attack them Physically. Besides that, you will have to rely on gra spells from Rune and Kyra. Just the regular gra though, they have low hp due to high resistances, so gra will 1 hit them.

There is a health recovery spot in this dungeon, similar to the one in the space port. So it's ok to go all out blow through tp and skills before this point. It's only after this that you have to get a little more conservative. It also makes for a great grinding spot if you playing on emulator. Unfortunately for me, I was not. If not, you will have to escape to save, since saving is not allowed in dungeons.

This is the first time in the game that inventory space is becoming an issue.

Xe-a-thouls destroyed me in just 2 rounds. The first 1 round they killed off 3 characters, and left the other 2 wounded. The second round they killed the remaining 2 before they could revive the others. This was my first game over. The second attempt I went back in better prepared, and I destroyed them in 2 rounds. Usually the strategy is to go after 1 at a time, but instead I went all out with group attacks. Here are the 2 macros I used, it's pretty much fool proof unless you are too low of a level

Macro A
Rika: Saner
Wren: Barrier
Kyra: Hewn
Rune: Efess
Chaz: Crosscut > Grand cross

Macro B
Rika: Disrupt
Kyra: Gifoi
Chaz: Gizan > Firestorm
Wren: Burstroc
Rune: Nafoi > ShootingStar

This is a neat easter egg/homage. But Air Castle basement is literally exactly the same as it was in Phantasy Star 1. It's not immediately obvious, because that game has first person dungeons, but if you ever looked at maps of the first game, it's the same thing here.

Lashiec was tough. He hit me early and often with group attacks. I ended up running out of tp with Rika from using Gisar, and I had to switch Chaz to healing duties. I'm not sure I would've lasted much longer though. This fight always gies me a bit of anxiety though. I remember playing this game on Genecyst back in the late 90s/early00s, and that emulator froze after this battle making it impossible to continue.

The Eclipse torch is kinda awesome. It casts St. Fire when used as an item in battle, and unlike the other items, it hits all enemies. I went back to Tyler to get Rune 2 Silver shields, and had him use this in battle.

User Info: looked

1 year ago#46
Garuberk Tower was not quite as confusing as I remember. Dark Force 2 was also not as hard as the last few bosses either. He had a lot of HP, but he wasn't that dangerous.

After the dungeon though, the eclipse torch is gone. :(

The game pushes you towards Motavia, but Reshels Weapon Shop is restored and it has the best armor in the game.

In Meese there is a new shop opened that sells Moon Dew, Star Dew, and Sol-Dew!

Also in Meese, if you Visit Raja Kyra is now by his side since leaving the party

Stain in Life Side quest. Seriously? I have to grind up 50k to complete the quest, and the last 2 dungeons I went to are no longer accessible. Ugh.

Poor King Rappy. He seems like a real boss because he could take a hit, but he posed no real threat. I lol's when he ran.

Vahal Fort has the best exp in the game and it's the best place to level all the way to 99, if you are played a version that fixed the glitch. The enemies are tough, but they can be instakilled by spark, or circuit breaker. They are also weak to lightning, and with Chazs thu spells, and Runes Tandle, and a few Thunder Claws we have plenty to win.

End of chapter levels

Wren 39 Chaz 43 Rika 46 Rune 39

User Info: looked

1 year ago#47
Chapter 8 - The Final Chapter

This is it protectors, time to save the world! This chapter will takes right to the end of the game. If you need directions, we will start by Exploring soldiers Island, Then we will travel to Rykros, there we will explore the Silence Tower, the Courage Tower, and the Strength tower. Then we Will return to the Esper Mansion, afterward we will make 1 final stop at the anger tower, and finally we will finish up with The Edge. Go Luck to all!

User Info: looked

1 year ago#48
Chapter 8 thoughts

Soldier Temple

Seth is awesome. Throughout the dungeon he marvels at your strength, but he can solo the place fine by himself. Death spell for the Giant ooze, Corrosion for everything else.

I always though his concept was really terrifying. The Dark Force is usually portrayed as a monster. Pure Evil. But the fact that it can take human form, and act normal among people shows that it has a much greater intelligence.

I would suggest unequipping Seths Cyber suit, it's the only one like it in the entire game.

Dark Force 3 just kept messing up everything that I wanted to do. His sleep spell was way too effective. Rika with the silver tusk is really strong in this battle, so I used her to attack while Chaz handled healing duty.

Afterwords I traveled to Reschel, and it's restored! Except for this inn, that somehow distorts space and time...seriously, it's hard to even tell whats going on here by looking at it. It appears that Wren and Chaz are on the roof, but they are not. They are on the same level as Rika, and standing behind the building. It's just transparent for some reason.


The Rykros theme is probably my favorite track in the entire game. The mysterious vibe it has fits the scene perfectly


In the Strength tower we find the Guard Rod, Easily the best infinite cast item in the game. It casts a sar series spell on the whole party.

The Bosses of both towers were pretty much the same. I'm not really sure what their weaknesses were supposed to be without looking it up. They aren't dangerous, just annoying to find out which abilities can damage them. I thought there was a way to tell before the fight, but I can't remember what it was.

Chaz's moment of conflict felt really forced. He didn't seem to have any doubts up to this point.

I loved the scene in the Elsydeon Cave There are very few series which you run into characters from other games and here, it was just cool to see all of them on the screen at once.

After the Anger Tower we get access to Chaz's final tech, and also the final combo attack. Destruction is the strongest combo in the game by default, however since this game has a damage cap, others such as grand cross can catch it if you level high enough, and that only takes 2 characters instead of 4.

It's interesting that game says you can only take 5 characters to fight the profound darkness Because you only have 5 rings. However, noone can equip the Rykros rings anyway, so the 5 character should be unprotected. Anyway I randomly chose Kyra.

Final levels Before the last boss.
Wren 43, Chaz 46, Rika 50, Rune 42 Kyra 42

User Info: looked

1 year ago#49
The final battle was going cruising right along until 3rd form. He casts his cancelling spell, so I used my Macro with Barrier, Saner, and Warla. PD got the first turn and killed off Wren. The next round I revived him with a repair kit, then PD cast Megid on my party with no Barrier, and killed off the 4 remaining character! So then it was Wren 1 on 1. I spent a few turns healing and setting up barrier, then I attack, and that was it, the final hit. He was so close to wiping me out when he had no health left, but Wren finished him off solo. What an epic finish.

I went back and did the battle again just for fun, then I did it with all of the remaining characters, here my thoughts on taking each of them along Ranked from best to worst.

Raja is by far the best choice. Hes the best dedicated healer, and has a ton of useful skills He has blessing. Which can be used instead of deban. If you choose anyone other than Raja or Kyra, then Rika will have to use an extra turn to cast deban. Regen is spell version of a Sol-dew, Miracle is a stronger gisar, that heals wren too, and ataraxia restores tp, which will let chaz keep casting megid. He can also do some damage with St. Fire. Plus he has all of the typical healer spells too. If you don't use him, you really need to fill your intentory with star-dews to make up for it.

Hahn kind of surprised me, because I usually think of him as the worst character. He has combo potential similar to Kyra where you can makes 2 different combos in 1 macro. For example, Chaz and Hahn can do Paladin Blow, while Rune and Wren do Shooting store. His Paladin Blow is almost as good as Grand Cross, and it uses different, and Chaz uses Rayblade instead of Crosscut, so if you run out of 1, you can use the other, Or you can alternate between them to do the most damage to all forms. He can also support by healing single targets with Nares. He's only lacking a barrier spell.

Kyra has very good combo potential. If you bring her you should be able to make 2 different combo attacks within the same macro to really do some damage. Such as Shooting Star and Grand Cross. Her combos are also useful do to that fact that she make combos with Chaz, Wren and Rune. Although she can combo with every character, none of them are as strong as Paladin Blow, so I put her slightly below Hahn She is also fairly decent at support, with Warla, and Medice, for single target healing

Gryz has solid stats all, but no useful techs, cant do any combos. He's not bad, but he's just an attacker. The biggest problem with using him is that Rika has to carry more of the load with healing.

Demi is by far the worst. Shes almost a negative character. She has barrier, but so does Wren. She does have a group healing spell, but she can never use it, because she has to heal herself, and she spends most of her time doing that. So Rika has to heal instead. So now we have 3 characters that have to stop and heal, instead of just using Raja.

Anyway, that's it for me. I had a lot of fun going through this game once again. This format really made me stop and smell the roses more than I usually do, so I notice a lot during this playthough.
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