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User Info: looked

8 months ago#31
onoturtle posted...
looked posted...
Those are actually chapter 4 spoilers, don't read until post chapter 4.

Regarding the names Alis, and Alys, that was the work of the English translators. It was probably meant as a homage, but it caused a lot of confusion. Alys is called Lyla in the Japanese version. Other than the name they have almost nothing in common.

Oops, sorry about that. I did look over a FAQ to jog my memory of this chapter's areas. I guess area revisits may have confused me.

Interesting tidbit about the translation. IV is the only PS game I've played so far. Loved it so I'm definitely planning on checking out the others. Probably will do the first game first. I hear it has, along with II, complicated dungeons, so I'll probably follow a guide. I'm not really a fan of first person dungeon crawling, but since it is about 20h long, I probably have a decent chance to get through it vs the other crawler I have in my backlog, Persona Q, that is a giant 60+h game. Modern RPGs get too long!

The other Phantasy Star games haven’t aged quite as well, so it’s probably best to manage your expectations. I still love them, and so do a lot of other, but your own expectations will play a role in how much you enjoy them.

If you have experience with other 8 bit rpgs, such Nes dragon warrior or Final Fantasy games, Phantasy Star 1 will blow you away. It looks way better than anything else from that gen. But it still old school hard. You won’t get anywhere without grinding immediately, and you may even lose your first battle. The dungeons look awesome for the time, but a map is needed, whether you follow one or make your own.

Phantasy Star 2 is almost the opposite. It was a very early Genesis game, one of the first 16-bit rpgs, so even if you are familiar with 16 bit rpgs I can feel a bit dated. It’s slightly less difficult than part 1, but newer players still find it to be very Grindy.

Phantasy Star 3 nearly tanked the series. It was handled by a different team because key members were workin on Sonic 1, and shows. It doesn’t even feel like it’s part of this series.

My suggestion for the best way to play these would be to get the PlayStation 2 phantasy Star Collection. It’s an important but the games are in English, and they have options to cut down on grinding by increasing exp and money dropped per battle. And also and option to increase walking speed, because you will notice they move quite a bit slower than in ps4

User Info: looked

8 months ago#32
Chapter 3 thoughts.

The Aiedo passage has a pretty big difficulty jump. It's a small map, but I took a lot of damage getting through here. Luckily triblaster is still effective, and we have bigger tp reserves. Meta Slugs can survive it, so I used Lethal Image on them

Kadary is a funny town, all of it's citizen are there to worship Zio. I love how there is that one of ground that is so nuts over Zio he's having a seizure in the middle of town.

In Kadary Im pretty sure the women on the second floor of the bar is supposed to be a prostitute. How did this slip by censors.

When I got to Zio's Fort I felt like I needed a little more fire power, so I gave Hahn a Ceramic Knife. Not long after I got another as a drop. His attack power isn't too bad at this point.

Juza was a fairly simple fight, but near the end he started casting Zan on me every round, and I don't have any group healing. Luckily he died after a few rounds of that

When you get Demi, Put her at the front of the party. Shes only level 12, and has low health, but Androids refill their health with every step, and if they die, they will revive themselves. Besides you will get upgrades for all of her equipment in the plate system.

The tile to the immediate right in the Machine Center is another free healing opportunity

I love the little scene after completing the side quests, along with Chaz's commentary, totally reminds me of my daughter with our pets.

Be careful in the Monsen area on foot, the sandworms can wipe out the entire party with 1 attack.

Be sure to pick up the Phonomezer at the Plate system. You can make a Macro with that, and Chaz Air slash to make Silent Wave. You can likely only use it once, but With alys and Hahn unavailable it's only combination attack we have at this point.

User Info: looked

8 months ago#33
Chapter 4

Last time, in the Algo star system....we finished up either at the plate system, or in the town of Monsen. From there we will continue our journey by heading east to the town of Termi, then we will head to Ladea Tower, after a quick trip to Krup, we're headed to Nurvus. Afterwards 2 optional side quests open up at the Hunters Guild in Aiedo. So take on these, or head straight to Zelan. After the events of Zelan, we will be ending this chapter. However feel free to go to the next town if plan to grind and need a base of operations.

User Info: looked

7 months ago#34
Chapter 4 thoughts.

Termi contains a statue of Alis and Myau, and also a novelty shop with items from the first Phantasy Star.

Ladea Tower

We get Rune back almost right away. Thank god! Now I can use Blizzard and Firestorm to blow through random battles again

For some reason every enemy in Ladea Tower went after Chaz, even though he was 3rd in order. Demi was up front, and didn't get touched the entire time. The Boss fight however was exactly the opposite. He went right after Demi, and took her all the way down to 11 hp, but then I got lucky and he stopped attacking her. I had no way to heal her.

The 2 items for Rune that we pick up in Ladea tower are both throwbacks to Phantasy Star 1. They are Lutz items.

I don't get why the Psycho wand is so weak though. It's a weapon that has history in the series, and it's built as a key item here. But it's weaker than the random staff that Rune starts with.

I guess I should address the elephant in the room. I've played this game many times, and I knew what was coming, but I still got goosebumps what it happened. It's just so well done, and the music is perfect. Alys is probably my favorite character in this game, and she's so much stronger than everyone early on that to me it's hard not to get attached. Shes the leader, the strongest fighter, and probably the coolest character.


Speaking of music, the music inside of Nurvus is just so good!

Robots appear for the first time(i think) so we actually have a use for Demi's spark. It's an automatic kill for machines, and it's seems to be 100% effective. Too bad we only get a few.

This dungeon has 2 armors that are for Demi only. I feel like this has to be a mistake. One of them probably should have been a helmet.

The Zio fight is a bit annoying. Most of his attacks hit the entire party. I only had 2 repair kits going in to the fight for Demi, an I went through both of them. I could see the same happening to the rest of the party if Rika runs out of tp.

The Music in the space port rocks too!

I really like Raja as a character. At least I like what they were going for. He's someone that basically tells dad jokes, which are so lame, they make you laugh a bit. However I feel some of his character was probably lost in translation. There is a moment right after you meet him, where he is supposed to use a bad pun or something, you can tell by the way the game sets it up, but I'm not sure what the joke was suppose to be. All he said was I got a feeling, and my feelings are always good.--Get it? No, I really don't. I do enjoy Rikas reactions though, she's only lived around machines, so she falls for any attempt at humor.

Lots of party changes this chapter, my current levels are:
Wren 20, Chaz 23, Rika 25 Rune 24, Raja 25.

User Info: onoturtle

7 months ago#35
Back from my trip! Only 2h time zone diff. between home and California so my jet lag isn't so bad. I'm waking up and feeling sleepy a little earlier, but nothing that gets in the way of work.

What happened to @gamemaster712? :(

Raja is great in combat as well. I like having a dedicated healer. So much so that when the opportunity came to have him in the party again came, I took it. I have this tendency to not use items (except for emergencies), so his huge TP pool for healing got me through all the dungeons :)

User Info: gamemaster712

7 months ago#36
Dead space 3 happened...
Then mass effect 2 & 3.
Lord of gaming!!!(probably) 2DS FC: 2122-9429-5521 Sun: Sean; Moon: Lizzie; OGTG/DEG ultimate hax breeder
Life's too short for silly worries, have fun.

User Info: looked

7 months ago#37
onoturtle posted...
Back from my trip! Only 2h time zone diff. between home and California so my jet lag isn't so bad. I'm waking up and feeling sleepy a little earlier, but nothing that gets in the way of work.

What happened to @gamemaster712? :(

Raja is great in combat as well. I like having a dedicated healer. So much so that when the opportunity came to have him in the party again came, I took it. I have this tendency to not use items (except for emergencies), so his huge TP pool for healing got me through all the dungeons :)

He's my top choice as well. There are others that can fill the role of a dedicated healer, but he has a few techs that seperate him from the pack. Miracle is the only true group heal spell in the game. Unlike the Sar spells it works on Androids. I believe it's stronger than gisar, but weaker than Nasar. He's only one that has the Regen spell, which revives dead characters with full hp. And of course there is Ataraxia which restores some tp to the entire party. I believe this is only way to restore tp other than going to the inn. He can also do decent attack damage with St.Fire.

User Info: looked

7 months ago#38
gamemaster712 posted...
Dead space 3 happened...
Then mass effect 2 & 3.

No worries, play at your own pace. I'll follow this thread as long as it gets replies.

Personally I've been stuck in a Phantasy Star bubble. I played Phantasy Star 1, and then Phantasy Star generation 1 back to back. I was going to play generation 2, but it seems that the English translation is unplayable on original hardware. So I moved on to Phantasy Star 3. I created saves at the end of each generation, so I was able to finish and get all 4 endings on a single playthrough. Definitely the first time i've done that.

User Info: looked

7 months ago#39
Chapter 5

We left last time stranded in the blizzards of Dezolis. In this chapter we will travel to the Town of Ryuon, then to the town of Tyler, we will explore it's depths, and then move on to Kuran. Following Kuran, we will travel to the town of Zosa, and then explore Myst Vale, where we will be stopping for now.

User Info: looked

7 months ago#40
Chapter 5 thoughts

-It's curious that the Dezolisians in this game all speak English....Or at least the same language as the main party storywise. In the previous 2 games they did not, and translation items were needed. I wonder if this is explained anywhere.
There seem to be more parmanians now, but still.

-The Bartender in Ryuon mentions seeking out a wall of ice. Do flat earthers exist on this planet too?

-There is a guy at the back of the town with a shovel, he says he just shoveled all of the snow. Funny considering the place is a constant blizzard.

Tyler is throwback to a blink and you'll miss him character from PS2. The reference makes sense, but it's probably something
that would get missed unless you've been through the game multiple times.

-During the dungeons I noticed Raja's physical attack do barely anything, so I went back and got 2 Silvers shields for him, so he could exclusively use spells or items.

-The wood cane is really showing it's age at this point. Most enemies physical attacks do twice as much as it heals for.

Dark Force 1 hit pretty hard. I think I may be been underleveled for this fight. He actually 1 shot Rune, and I had Blessing and Deban active.

The weapon shop in Zosa is one of the most interesting, because every weapon there can be use an item in battle and it will
cast a spell. I picked up a tornado dagger so Raja can use it to attack. I'm not quite sure it's the best option yet, but I wanted to get one of each.
Woah! that is way too much information!

It's pretty cool seeing the "old man" again. But I wish there was a bit of back story on how he got there, and why he is
there. Also if they live that long, shouldn't they be overpopulated? Old man is over 2000 years old.

I went back to motavia because I thought hunting sandworms would be a good way to power level, and they are, but they don't
appear frequently enough so I just ending up getting bored with it.

End of Chapter levels Wren 24, Chaz 28, Rika 29 Rune 27, Raja 27
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