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  3. Has there been any word of a remake?

User Info: p0w3rd00dx6

1 year ago#11
I only care if Alys becomes resurrectable.

User Info: SatoruMasamune

1 year ago#12
I would do things to get a modern, HD PSIV remake.

Dark things.

Vile things.

Things that no sane human being could continue to call themselves "human" after doing them.

Things that would make any sort of kind and loving god-figure turn away from humanity as a whole in regret... and fear.

I would even willingly drink a Diet Coke. A whole can.
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User Info: IllegalSplicer

1 year ago#13
Hewbo posted...
Was this the last true rpg Sega made? I loved PSO on Dreamcast and the remakes on GameCube but those are obviously completely different. The rest of the series since has all been action rpg. I did just see that they are releasing PSO 2 on the Switch next year in Japan, though which might make me buy 1...

Sega released 7th Dragon III: CODE VFD for 3DS fairly recently. Coincidentally, Rieko Kodama is also involved with it.
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User Info: lostn

1 year ago#14
Sega and Phantasy Star don't have the cachet of a Final Fantasy, even if it might be better.

I never played any PS games, but I would definitely play a remake just to see this bit of gaming history I missed out on.

User Info: Hewbo

1 year ago#15
Other than adding the missing enemies and fixing some of the moves that don't work properly, what are things you guys would like to see done with a remake? Personally, I would like a 3D environment with the enemies visible on the map so random encounters could be avoided like in DQ games and Chrono Trigger.
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User Info: Elrick75

1 year ago#16
I would want a fully customizable team at the end of the game
My top 10: Phantasy Star IV, Shining Force II, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Tactics, Monster Rancher, FFVI, FE:A, ToG f, Tactics Ogre:LUCT, Breath of Fire II

User Info: FreshFeeling

1 year ago#17
Elrick75 posted...
I would want a fully customizable team at the end of the game

This, and much better inventory management.
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User Info: KazumiAmano

1 year ago#18
Better descriptions for items/techs/skills, no random encounters, a new endgame or postgame dungeon to keep with the times, and a choose your own party at the end. Some balance changes too of course.

I'd hope in this theoretical game they kept the comic book style cutscenes. That was a brilliant way to have cutscenes with the Sega Genesis limitations, and I would hate to see that replaced with live action standard stuff every game does.
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User Info: PLUTO44

11 months ago#19
All 4 need to be remade.

Especially the translation for Phantasy Star III
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