Which character would have the most difficult solo run? (Possible spoilers)

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  3. Which character would have the most difficult solo run? (Possible spoilers)

User Info: etony33

1 year ago#11
Not impossible. I didn't even have to grind to level 99. I did it at level 93.

Rune has 36 Efess charges and 20 Legeon charges at level 93. I used six Efess charges right away against PD1, then switched to Legeon. I took some risks early on (not healing when I had <175 HP, where Shadow Breath would have killed me). I used all 20 Legeon charges against PD1 and then PD2, using a single Tandle to finish PD2 off. I went into an Efess barrage against PD3, using all 30 charges, then 3 Tandles to finish the job. I had just used my last Sol Dew and had 94 HP and no buff up. Megid or a physical attack would have killed me. Instead, PD used a useless Cancelling, and I used one last Tandle in desperation...and won.

User Info: etony33

1 year ago#12
Having completed both Raja solo and Rune solo, I can say that Rune is strictly harder while Raja is more difficult. Let me explain.

With a few exceptions (the start of the game to Kadary, battle with Gy-Laugiah, battle with DF2, battle with Sa-Lews, and the final battle), Raja wasn't in much danger. Between his high TP, high Mental, and Ataraxia, it was virtually impossible for any enemy to cause him to run out of TP. Rune, on the other hand, was never far from death, because he (like Raja) is quite fragilr, but he (unlike Raja) has no way to heal himself outside of healing items (including the Wood Cane and Guard Rod).

Raja's solo was more difficult because of how tedious it is to grind with him. This was remedied somewhat late in the game, where he had a lot of Holyword and St. Fire charges. Rune never had any problems blowing enemies up. Late game grinding in particular was a breeze, between Negatis, Tandle, and Legeon.

Raja had a higher chance of surviving boss battles, but late game bosses took 20 minutes or more, so it really sucked if he died.

User Info: teflon

1 year ago#13
Sounds like it'd be better to say that Raja is tedious because of his long boss fights, while Rune is difficult.
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User Info: etony33

1 year ago#14
There are a lot more chances for something to go wrong with Raja. Take DF2, for example. Raja had 10 charges of St. Fire, and after that, it was using Flamesword/Tornado Dagger as an item for about 90 damage apiece. All it takes is one high damage Shadow Breath.

User Info: etony33

1 year ago#15
In trying to record all of Rune's boss battles that he went through (I did the actual run on my phone, so no video, but I set it up exactly the same way as I had it on my computer), I keep dying. Rune has died no less than 25 times to DF1. Level 39, 10 Star Dews, 1 Trimate. I did it before (with literally 1 HP left and no healing items left), and I'll do it again.

User Info: etony33

11 months ago#16
Having completed Raja, Rune, and Seth, I'd say Raja was the most difficult. Raja beating Sa-Lews required insane amounts of luck and over leveling. Seth doesn't have the capability to deal large amounts of damage, but he does have very high agility, Corrsion (which, unlike St. Fire, takes out Vahal Fort bots), and he is immune to Evil Eye and Stasis Ball.

User Info: Blast-Beat-Pete

11 months ago#17

User Info: SatoruMasamune

11 months ago#18
Raja would have a tough time dealing damage, but his unmatched healing power leads me to think him almost unkillable. Especially since he's got a decent defense buff and a TP restore.
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User Info: etony33

10 months ago#19
SatoruMasamune posted...

Sa-Lews would like to have a word with you, sir.

User Info: c_s_tadsen

10 months ago#20
I haven't tried single-char runs, but I would think Gryz presents the biggest challenge... His single strength is also his weakness.

Gryz is like a brick with one really sharp corner: it won't break easily, but just about all you can do with it is stand in front of the enemy and whack them. Aside from item use, there's not really much you can do in the way of strategy; lots of War Cry and basic attack while grinding, then rushing to the boss for more of the same.
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  3. Which character would have the most difficult solo run? (Possible spoilers)

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